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Employer Testimonials

Pediatric Clinic Client
I just want to say Thank You for all you do for us. I sure do appreciate you!! I also wanted to let you know that Mint Physician Staffing’s Dr. SH is awesome. The entire staff and physicians can't give this physician enough credit. We absolutely loved him and so did our patients! Hopefully, when we or anyone needs a Dr. we can request him.

Hospital Client
The best on call coverage set up I have had! I have run community hospitals as well as Specialty Long Term Acute Care Hospitals and Mint Physician Staffing and their Doctors have been great. Our nurses could see a difference from day one, as well as our attending physicians.

Urgent Care Client
I will say that we LOVE [Mint provider], PA-C...she is amazing with patients and staff. If we could get her again or anytime, we'd really appreciate it! We don't care if she costs extra because she is worth it!

Family Practice Client
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your continual hard work you do for our practice. You have listened to our needs and concerns of having locums enter our practice, and yet every time I call to seek a locum, you answer the call perfectly. I came by your company as a fluke, I remain with your company out of respect for all the demands I put on you, and you never fail to meet those demands. Thank you as always.

Correctional Client
The very best. I deal with others and they do not have a sense of urgency when it comes to satisfying the customer. All of your staff seem to take the quality of their work very seriously. One account manager is very helpful when the other is unavailable. You have an excellent staff, you should be very proud of them. Thank you.

LTAC Client
Mint Physician Staffing has been reliable and consistent. Customer service has been significantly better than the prior Physician Staffing Company we utilized.

Occupational Medicine Client
I wanted to write you a short note of thanks for everything you have done for our company during our four plus year relationship. It is very refreshing to have an agency representative who has the priority of putting our issues and needs to the forefront and there has never been a time where you didn't treat us like we were your only recruiting client, which we both know is far from the truth. In working with my recruiting staff, you are very good in your communication about our coverage needs, especially with all of the constant coverage changes we seem to have. Although we have worked with other agencies in the past, we continue to come back to Mint Physician Staffing for all of our needs and this is mainly due to the amount of attention to detail and follow through you have as our recruiting representative. I value our on-going relationship as I truly believe it is a definite advantage for our company in retaining physicians and wanted to make sure you were aware how much we appreciate everything you do for me directly and my company as your client.

Family Practice Client
Since Mint Physician Staffing has taken over our account, I have been more apt to contact you. You are excellent about always being available and responding to our requests in a timely manner.

Occupational Medicine Client
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help. You all jump through hoops to help and I wanted to thank you and let you know I appreciate your true professionalism.

Physician Testimonials

I have to admit, initially, I was skeptical of the locum tenens arena. All my career I had permanent positions which came with them a sense of security. When I relocated to Houston, TX from Florida, I wanted a practice opportunity that would fit where I am in my career. I had offers that for one reason or another just didn't feel right. That's when I opened my mind to doing locum assignments. In my research online and polling of other physicians, Mint Physician Staffing felt right. So I took the plunge and am pleased that I did! I have worked with other staffing companies, but none has compared to the experience I have had with Mint. The entire staff has been extremely professional, prompt, considerate, and a pleasure to work with. Scheduling has been very easy and smooth. I have had only top assignments with quality systems. I would like to take a moment to recognize those who have made a skeptic like me a believer in locum tenens: Becky, Shawna, Jennifer, Keri, Ramsey, Amber, and Jessica have all been fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend Mint Physician Staffing to other physicians. In fact, I already have. I am not sure how long I will continue to practice as a locums physician, but I am certain that as long as I do, I will utilize Mint for my assignments. A Proud Mint Physician Staffing contractor
- Dr. D. Cannon

Mint Physician Staffing has been very responsive in communicating opportunities available and adjusting to sudden unexpected changes in schedule. That I appreciate! I definitely will continue to be involved with Mint Physician Staffing. And I have already recommended the company to fellow doctors and even an administrator of a hospital. In my dealings with other locum companies Mint Physician Staffing outperforms them all. Again, thank you for being there.
- Dr. T Prusmack

Overall, communication has been excellent. Emails are sent timely and confirmation of assignments by voicemail is greatly appreciated as a backup as email may not be checked regularly throughout the day.I will continue to work with Mint Physician Staffing as long as I am not permanently employed. Mint Physician Staffing has been very reputable in the community from what I have seen and heard. Pay is on time and there are many assignments available.
- Dr S. Henderson

I think that communication with Mint Physician Staffing has been excellent. I could not ask for better people to work with. Both Amber and her predecessor, Jennifer have been great to work with.
- Dr. C. Hankins

Its always been a pleasure to work with Mint Physician Staffing. The staff is great and I have enjoyed all the assignments which I have had. I am very happy to continue working with Mint Physician Staffing and look forward to the next assignment.          
- Dr. R Silberman

I have worked with Mint Physician Staffing for over seven years and plan to continue to do so until I cease medical practice entirely. I have worked with about five locum tenens agencies and have narrowed my association down to Mint and one other. This indicates how Mint Physician Staffing compares with other agencies. Mint is very flexible, keeps in touch and communicates well. Importantly, my pay check has never been late!
- Dr. J. DeWitt

Communication has been pretty good. I have been able to consistently able to reach my Account Manager for scheduling on the phone and my emails are replied to fairly promptly. I will likely keep working with Mint Physician Staffing for at least the next year, even more so if Mint begins to cover San Antonio LTACs. The credentialing process has been much faster and the scheduling very accommodating compared to other companies.
- Dr. K. Chang

Mint Physician Staffing has been fantastic with keeping me posted on all available job opportunities. All recruiters are always available to answer any questions or concerns. I am always given advanced notice if anything in my credentialing needs updating or if any locums gets cancelled. I will definitely continue to work with Mint Physician Staffing. Fortunately Mint Physician Staffing has been so good to me that I have never had to work with another company. Thank you Mint!
- T. Nguyen PA-C

Communication has been great and effective. My concerns are usually addressed in the timeliest fashion. It is very likely that I will continue working with Mint Physician Staffing.
- C. Moore NP