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Locum Tenens Information for Physicians

Why choose a locum tenens temporary assignment?

The Latin phrase "locum tenens," literally translates to "place holder," and today indicates temporary employment for physicians. Independently contracted doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants choose to practice on a temporary basis for a variety of reasons.

  • Recent graduates can "test drive" practice settings or locations
  • Experienced providers can focus on patient care without concerns for reimbursement or facility politics
  • Flexible scheduling is available for providers nearing retirement to work as much or as little as desired
  • Provides a reliable income stream
  • Less on-call duty compared to full-time employment

Why work locum tenens with Mint Physician Staffing?

Make a mint with Mint! Locum tenens work can be challenging and rewarding for many reasons. Each provider has their own story and reason for working with mint, the most commonly cited benefits include:

  • Earn predictable income at top pay rates for your specialty
  • A variety of practice environments across the nation are avaialble
  • Part time, long term or short term opportunities available.
  • Medical malpractice insurance provided for by Mint.
  • Direct deposit payroll services
  • Mint's generous physician referral program so you can increase your earnings 
  • Mint's physician agreement/contract is non-exclusive; beware of others that aren't.
  • On-call team member available 24/7/365.

Our services are completely FREE to you, the healthcare professional. A variety of work options and settings are available, we specialize in offering you flexibility. If you are experiencing a transitional period in your career, Mint can help make the journey profitable while offering a variety of experiences and opportunities along the way. If you are looking for moon-lighting opportunities to supplement your income, we can provide that type of work. Seeking a permanent placement? We can assist you since many of our locum tenens opportunities are actually facilities searching for and waiting for the right candidate.

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The physicians we place in locum tenens assignments require:

  1. Eligiblity to work in the USA.
  2. One license with good standing in at least one state within the USA.
  3. An active registration with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  4. Ability and desire to complete Mint Physician Staffing's application and credentialing process for either locum tenens or permanent placement.

Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs and Pharmacists require:

  1. Eligibility to work in the USA.
  2. One license with good standing in at least one state within the USA.
  3. Ability and desire to complete Mint Physician Staffing's credentialing process for Locum Tenens or Permanent placement.

Our client facilities include the world’s best of the best

The types of facilities to which we provide services include, but are not limited to: hospitals, urgent care centers, emergency centers, single specialty group practices, multi-specialty group practices, private physician offices, family practice groups, pediatric clinics, occupational health clinics, community clinics, long term care facilities, VA hospitals, Indian Health, State level and Federal level facilities.

Personalized service and a free consultation

Please call the team at Mint Physician Staffing about eligibility, licenses and the application process. We provide a consultation service so you will know what to expect before you start. All of our services are free to you, the provider. Call us 866-312-1177 or email

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