• What is a Locum Job?

    If you are searching for a locum job, Mint Physicians is your answer. 

    Locum tenens comes from the Latin origin meaning to hold the place of or to substitute for. In the 1970s, the University of Utah provided physician staffing to rural health clinics in under-served areas, and was highly successful. The idea was so successful that the university was awarded a federal grant, and this is where the idea of a locum job came from. These locum tenens positions can take place for a few days or a few months, depending on the demand for physicians in the specified area.

    Thousands of physicians all over the nation have signed contracts with locum tenens companies like Mint Physician Staffing that provide staffing services for different medical facilities. The industry continues to grow, as the idea of a locum job becomes more appealing to doctors who want to pick up extra shifts to make extra money, or who are in semi-retirement.

    Healthcare clients use locum tenens positions for numerous reasons. One great reason for a locum job is when hospitals are understaffed and need the extra helping hands. Locum tenens positions also come in handy when a doctor is on vacation or filing for permanent vacancy. Not to mention that during the peak season, locum tenens jobs come handy for the financial aspects. Locum tenens jobs are also helpful for recent graduates looking to gain experience to add to their resumes.

    There is a locum job available in every state. All you need to do is check the job posting board for your state, or the state in which you desire to work locums in. Mint Physician Staffing is here to aid in your search for the best locum tenens job for you. Contact us today!

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