• Pay Off Student Loans with Locum Tenens for Emergency Medicine

    Physicians fresh out of medical school in recent times have more student loan debt than any other generation before them, more than 86 percent of graduates, to be exact. However, for recent grads that decide to pursue locum tenens for emergency medicine, indebtedness does not have to be a way of life.

    Student debt is more prominent in emergency medicine than any other medical profession. The average debt that is owed by Emergency Medicine physicians is about 25 percent higher than the average mortgage payments, nationwide. This means that student loans have become more than the average living costs in America!

    As older physicians are retiring, the millennial generation of physicians are coming to take their place. Working locum tenens allows young physicians to begin practicing immediately while making money to begin paying off their student loans once and for all. Locum tenens positions for emergency medicine are temporary, flexible, and plentiful, so young physicians can create their own career path which can be geared completely towards paying off their debt.

    New physicians face serious financial difficulties straight out of medical school. It takes between 11 and 14 years of higher education to become a full-time doctor. This means that young physicians will not be earning a full-time salary until about ten years after the typical college student graduates and begins making enough money to pay off their debt.

    When considering locum tenens for emergency medicine, it is important to lay out all of your options and voice your concerns to your locum tenens recruiter. If you are deep in debt, it may be best to accept a locum tenens job in a more rural location, which is likely to pay more than a job in a big city due to higher demand. It is also vital to remember that when accepting a locum tenens job, housing, travel, and medical malpractice premiums are often covered. A lower overhead means that a locum tenens physician can earn more money to put towards the outstanding loan payment.

    If you are interested in working locum tenens to pay off medical school debt, contact Mint Physician Staffing today to get your career started.

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