• Hobbies for Emergency Medicine Physicians

    Hobbies for Emergency Medicine Physicians

    Being a physician is a demanding profession, often requiring the individual to rigorously study in order to continue to excel in their career. Emergency Medicine physicians, in particular, are often driven to devote themselves entirely to their work. Compulsive individuals by nature, physicians don’t take notice of the hours upon hours that fly by as they divulge themselves into being medical professionals, thus why they tend to not give proper nourishment to their own lives outside of the office.

    It’s not uncommon for a physician to have a bad day at work given the stressful nature of their job and the trying circumstances they are forced to contend with on a regular basis. Emergency Medicine physicians cope with bad days at work by anticipating the possibility of a better one tomorrow. This form of thinking is precisely why it’s so critical for medical professionals to take up hobbies to avoid physician burnout.

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    Some of the best hobbies for emergency medicine physicians to take up include:

    1. Photography – The preciousness of life is not a concept that an emergency medicine physician takes lightly. In fact, it’s the very reason why so many have chosen to pursue their path in the medical field. What photography gives them outside of the walls of their respective medical facilities is a chance to see life through a different set of lenses. Capturing a memorable moment and immortalizing an instant in time for a hobby can have profoundly positive effects on the psyche of a physician.

    2. Blogging – Few people are able to offer views as insightful as emergency medicine physicians. These are individuals who often work locum tenens in underprivileged parts of the world, providing medical services with very little in terms of support and available resources. Depression and isolation are common contributors to physician burnout. Blogging provides an outlet to Emergency Medicine physicians looking to express themselves, share their stories, and connect with an audience that can provide the ear they so desperately need. For a less-public version, try old fashioned journaling, although this doesn’t help you connect with others, to try to get some insight and feel-good inspiration.

    3. Small Business Investing – Considering the high amount of medical school debt that physicians accumulate upon graduating, recouping some of those expenses in the form of investing could be a good idea. Serving both as an additional stream of revenue and as an outlet for a physician to pour their energy into, business investments can give seasoned physicians the hobby they need to avoid physician burnout. Most small business owners don’t have the working capital or the credit needed to acquire a bank loan, however, doctors who have managed to build their savings could be an alternative source of financial relief. Not only will the physician be able to make a potentially profitable business move, but there’s a charitable aspect to it as well.

    Hobbies to prevent physician burnout don’t necessarily have to be “hobbies” per se. Some Emergency Medicine physicians take on side jobs to supplement their income and give them human interaction that doesn’t involve a life or death situation. This is partly what makes working locum tenens an attractive option for Emergency Medicine physicians. The ability to dictate where and how often they practice medicine alleviates them from the pressures commonly experienced by physicians working full-time at medical facilities.

    It is vital that individuals who practice Emergency Medicine view themselves as more than just physicians. The importance of having hobbies is to experience growth and success outside of medicine. They must mold themselves into people who have normal lives despite a demanding career. Much like individuals in the teaching and social worker professions, devoting one’s emotions and mind to the everyday challenges they endure can have catastrophic consequences. Nothing will prevent the responsibilities of an Emergency Medicine physician from being difficult, but developing healthy hobbies can help prevent the doctor from becoming a patient.

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