• Why You Should Work Locum Tenens Instead of Retirement

    Why You Should Work Locum Tenens Instead of Retirement

    As a retiring physician, it is only natural to wonder what is in store for your future. You can travel the world and take up new hobbies; but what happens when you miss your practice, or you are just simply losing the financial stability you thought you would have? Fortunately, working locum tenens gives retiring physicians the freedom they want while providing the financial buoy they need.

    You make your own schedule and have a flexible life. While working locum tenens, you can pick up as much work as you want, or as little as you wish. You can work with us to help coordinate your schedule and take assignments that fit within your lifestyle. Many of our currently retired physicians have cited working locum tenens as a way for them to still remain active and keep their medical skills up to date. Physicians, even in their golden years, are passionate about delivering quality healthcare, and locum tenens provides them the fulfillment in helping people.

    You get to travel to new places and not spend all of your hard-earned money. If you’re bored of the same old sights, working locum tenens can provide a welcomed change of scenery. As an added bonus, travel and lodging are often provided with these assignments. You can fulfill your need for adventure, or you can go and visit your family members in other parts of the country.

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    You can find more job opportunities. Locum tenens opportunities are now more common than ever. Because locum tenens work is in demand, you can find job assignments all over the country, from large metropolitans to rural areas. The diversity of assignments available guarantees an opportunity that will fit into your semi-retired lifestyle.

    You can ease your way into your full retirement. From waking up every day and going to your practice to going cold turkey after a countless number of years can be nerve-wracking. If you’re thinking that the time to wind down has come, working locum tenens can be a great way to ease into full retirement. Instead of working nearly every day of the week, you can pick up sporadic assignments until you feel financially stable or decide it’s time to hang up the stethoscope.

    Working locum tenens is a great choice for retiring physicians for these benefits and more. If you are looking to work as a locum tenens physician after retiring, contact a recruitment consultant today!

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