• Tips for Exploring the City While on a Locum Tenens Assignment

    Tips for Exploring the City While on a Locum Tenens Assignment

    As a locum tenens physician, traveling the country while providing healthcare to patients in need is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. Still, there are other attractions that come with traveling for locum tenens work. The opportunity to explore a new city and learn about a culture that you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced is amazing in itself. With every new assignment from your healthcare recruiter comes the possibility of exploring a different part of the country, and thus finding out more about your own personality. For those new to locum tenens work, here are some tips for exploring a new city.

    1. Research the city beforehand

    Upon confirmation of a locum tenens assignment, do your due diligence and research the city first. Open up your web browser and investigate the area the job is located in. Check out travel blogs and reviews from people who have visited the area. They will provide you with more personal and informal views on restaurants, hotels and some of the tourist attractions.

    In addition to travel blogs, try checking out the official website of the city that you’ll be potentially living in temporarily. They often have useful tabs such as “Exploring the City” or “Things to do in.” These websites can also be very helpful with discovering any upcoming events or networking groups that are going on during your stay.

    2. Check in with your social networks

    Asking your friends and family about the city you are going to be working in can be a great way to get insight from trusted sources. Not only that, but they may be able to help you get into contact with good friends or colleagues who may already live in the area and can serve as a guide for you. Friends and family members who travel often will know what your tastes and preferences are and can help tailor your experience to your liking.

    Additionally, reading what strangers say on social networking sites can be valuable as well. Upon traveling, it’s common for people to “check in” or “hashtag” a location and write a comment about what they’re doing. Locum tenens physicians are not always aware of what they are about to walk into when taking on a new assignment – which can add to the adventure of it all – so seeing what other people are sharing with their friends and family about the city can be a great way to help them adjust.

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    3. Ask the locals

    Once you arrive at your new destination, be outgoing and get to know the locals in the area. If you choose to take on a temporary locum tenens assignment, don’t short change yourself by isolating yourself to a hotel room. Take this opportunity to be a tourist and make the most of your experience. Gather the most information you can about the area that you’re staying in from the people who live there. When dining at a restaurant, ask your waiter about any local favorites on the menu.

    Upon checking into your hotel, ask the front desk staff about any places that are worth exploring. Even the people that you encounter on the street might be able to tell you the best restaurants, shopping malls, and weekend activities that your new area offers. If you attend a fun event and meet a nice group of people, use them as a resource as you seek tips for exploring your new city. Locum tenens provides the unique opportunity to not only explore the country, but explore the adventurous spirit that lies within you. Make the most of your adventure by applying these helpful tips on your next locum tenens assignment!

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