• Benefits of Working as a Full-Time Locum Tenens Physician

    Benefits of Working as a Full-Time Locum Tenens Physician

    There isn’t a physician that isn’t aware that the healthcare industry is one of the most mentally and physically demanding professions to dive into. It requires an individual to possess a high level of passion and dedication to performing a service, however it also calls for a certain amount of detachment to sustain their sanity. That is the reason more physicians have switched to taking on the role of a full-time locum tenens physician. They want to separate themselves from the daily grind of a full time employed physician of a hospital or medical facility, and embrace a much more balanced lifestyle. Some of the benefits of switching to a full-time locum’s physician include:

    Focus on Work

    Physicians that work locum tenens jobs on a full-time basis have no administrative or teaching responsibilities to stress over. There are no issues that come with staff management, nor do they have to take on the hassle of medical coding and billing. A full-time locum tenens physician has a more defined work schedule and is able to separate themselves from that of their roles of medical physician. In private practices and as permanent employed physicians in outpatient settings, they are constantly on-call and are unable to detach and fall into a normal routine.

    What every full-time locum tenens physician appreciates is their ability to choose their lifestyle. They make their own schedules, decide where and when they will work and have the flexibility to choose which surroundings suit them. If a locum tenens physician feels that they are working in an environment where patient care and safety is being compromised, they can simply leave as they are not obligated to remain there as a full-time staff physician. With locum Tenen assignments, work is simply that. Work. It doesn’t necessarily follow the individual outside of the confines of the medical walls.

    The Freedom to Travel

    In addition to being able to choose their work life, a full-time locum tenens physician enjoys the ability to travel freely. Not only that, but they’re able to travel with a purpose. Locum tenens physicians are able to work in various cities, providing medical care to patients from all walks of life. The experiences of a locum tenens physician is often incomparable. One of the biggest draws of working locum tenens is the ability to travel outside the bubble of a busy metropolitan area and provide healthcare services to under-served communities in rural pockets of the country. The ability to see new areas of the country and the gratification of helping those in need creates a win-win situation for the locum tenens physician.

    Fighting Physician Burnout

    Physician burnout is increasingly becoming a concern in the healthcare industry. Full-time physicians employed in hospitals and private practices are retiring because of their demanding workload and inability to establish a healthy life outside of medicine. Locum tenens work is being recognized more and more as a potential offset to the dangers of physician burnout. The value of a physician being able to pick and choose their work schedule/location cannot be understated. They are able to happily give their patients the care they deserve without being burned out in the process.

    This is what makes being a full-time locum tenens physician so attractive. Although the salary compensation is a draw for many, some physicians go into the medical field strictly because they want to help others. The unfortunate drawback to practicing medicine is that it can potentially seep into a physician’s personal life. A physician lacking quality relationships with friends and family is ultimately going to experience depression, which contributes to high rate of physicians leaving the practice. To learn more about the benefits of taking on invaluable medical assignments, contact us today.

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