• Moonlighting Tips for the Locum Tenens Physician

    Moonlighting Tips for the Locum Tenens Physician

    It is difficult for anyone to manage multiple jobs while maintaining a healthy life balance; and moonlighting as a locum tenens physician is no different. If anything, the stresses of a locum tenens position may be even more difficult to manage for some. Agencies like Mint make locum tenens work easier by matching your ideal situation to the right job opportunity. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working as a locum tenens physician:

    Plan Your Life One Week at a Time

    It may sound tempting to plan a month at a time or set a schedule, but when it comes to locum tenens work, the look of a packed schedule may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Instead, plan your life one week at a time. Your work schedule is going to take priority, followed closely by a healthy lifestyle schedule, and then social life. It is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working locum tenens, so cook meals in advance, make time for activities and time for yourself. There are numerous benefits to being a locum tenens physician, but making sure that you keep a healthy diet will help you be on your a-game.

    Learn to Switch Off

    Compartmentalizing may sound counter-intuitive, but in the case of moonlighting as a locum tenens physician, it most certainly is not. When you are not at work, try not to think about work. Learn to make sure that you get all of your tasks done at the office and stay clear of office politics. That is the most effective way to avoid taking work home with you.

    Remind Yourself Why You Do It

    Most professionals who are moonlighting as a locum tenens physician do so for the supplemental income. If you are paying off your medical school debt, saving up for a medical practice of your own, or saving up to retire early, keep that goal in mind if the going gets rough. The good news is that working locum tenens is flexible and gives you control of your work schedule. So , since the contracts are typically temporary and not long-term.

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