• Hospitalist’s Guide – What to Know Before Contacting A Physician Staffing Agency

    Hospitalist’s Guide – What to Know Before Contacting A Physician Staffing Agency

    A locum tenens physician staffing agency receives requests for healthcare personnel from all specialties daily. Among the physicians that are in the highest demand are hospitalists. The official definition of a hospitalist is, “a specialist in inpatient medicine, who will be responsible for managing the care of hospitalized patients in the same way that primary care physicians are responsible for managing the care of outpatients.” However, the role of the hospitalist is much more complicated than that, which is why they are needed so badly.


    Understanding the Importance of the Hospitalist


    Of hospitals with more than 200 beds, hospitalists practice in more than 80% of them. They work around the clock, determining the best treatment for patients. What makes a hospitalist invaluable to patient care is the wealth of knowledge they possess. Hospitalists, unlike some physicians in other specialties, are forced to adapt to complicated conditions daily which makes them very adept at responding to sudden changes in hospitalized patients.

    The true value that hospitalists offer is their ability to improve the quality of healthcare in a hospital, while reducing the duration of a patient’s stay. Mint Physician Staffing agency has a vested interest in working with quality hospitalists to fulfill these important roles as the face of the hospital.


    What Hospitalists Must Understand Before Working Locum Tenens


    Hospitalists generally have limited contacted with patients compared to other specialists. They do however, build a strong familiarity with patient conditions and are therefore forced to make crucial decisions at times regarding treatment solutions. Locum tenens positions for hospitalists are short term assignments that carry a tremendous level of responsibility. Some questions that are important for a hospitalist to ask their staffing agency are:

    • What is the size of the hospital or medical facility that I will be overseeing?
    • How long is the assignment for?
    • Are there any major or complicated surgeries pending approval?
    • How long have you been working with the hospital/medical facility?
    • Do you understand my specialty and my responsibilities?
    • Will I have one consultant working with me and how will I be able to reach them?


    Any physician staffing agency that a hospitalist chooses to work with must be able to establish strong communication and trust from the start. Given the level of responsibility the physician must assume it’s only natural that they feel that they are able to rely on the support of the physician staffing agency. This isn’t limited to their new work environment either. Physicians of any specialty will need to be comfortable in their new surroundings, especially when they will be living in a new city that they’re unfamiliar with. While it’s not necessarily the responsibility of the physician staffing agency to guide hospitalists around the city, recruiters at Mint Physician Staffing take it upon themselves to help physicians become acclimated quickly.


    What do Medical Facilities Expect from Locum Tenens Hospitalists?


    Although the locum tenens assignment may be short-term, the hospitalist’s actions can be potentially life changing. It can even be argued that the responsibilities of the locum tenens hospitalist are more pronounced than that of the full-time physicians that they may be filling in for. Locum tenens hospitalists have only but a short time to familiarize themselves with the medical facility’s policies, patients, support staff and so forth. Medical facilities that reach out to physician staffing agencies for hospitalists expect someone to come in with a take charge attitude. After all, locum tenens physicians aren’t inferior to or less capable than their full-time counterparts. They are well qualified and highly educated individuals who have agreed to work in place of another physician while he/she is away. Locum tenens hospitalists are expected to provide a level of expertise that any other physician with comparable training and education would.

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