• Travel Apps for Locum Tenens Physicians

    Travel Apps for Locum Tenens Physicians

    Locum tenens physicians have the unique opportunity to spend the duration of their work experience traveling to various cities and states. It’s a lifestyle that offers rewards in allowing a physician to extend their medical expertise to individuals who are in need, and giving the physician the chance to explore environments that they may not have otherwise.

    While most locum tenens physicians take the time to prepare themselves for their work responsibilities, they often neglect to organize their traveling arrangements. While recruitment consultants will generally help clinicians with travel arrangements, you should still consider downloading some of these travel apps for locum tenens physicians.


    Travel Apps for Locum Tenens Physicians



    Kayak is a useful app for finding deals on flights at great prices. One of the best features of the Kayak app is that you’re able to set up price alerts to book cheap fares before they’re taken. If you have flexibility with your travel days, locum tenens physicians also can use the flex search feature. This give the user the option to view prices on a grid so that it’s easier to see the cheapest dates to fly to their destination.


    Trip Advisor

    Trip Advisor makes booking a hotel an easy task. Its strength lies in the detailed information on hotels, restaurants, and other general things to do in a region. What’s most beneficial is that the listings include reviews from customers who have previously visited the location. This should help the locum tenens physician make more informed choices about where they would like to go while they are working.


    Air BnB

    When traveling, it’s fair to say that determining where you will be living is a crucial part of making travel plans. For a locum tenens doctor, Air BnB may be a better alternative than booking a hotel. Air BnB pairs individuals seeking accommodations with home owners/renters looking to make extra cash by renting out their place short term. Air BnB’s may be quieter than busy hotels, and offer a better space for the physician to catch up on work, or rest in between shifts.

    Part of what makes working locum tenens positions ideal is that the physician typically doesn’t have a family of their own to concern themselves with, so working away from home for extended periods of time isn’t a bother. Still, there are drawbacks to be wary of.  Much like any physician, locum tenens physicians tend to bury themselves in their work.



    Ridesharing apps have become increasingly popular and two that are most frequently used are Uber and Lyft. Getting around town is going to be important for any physician taking on a locum tenens assignment in another city. Uber or Lyft are going to come in handy for making this possible. Before arranging a ride, do a quick Google search for any available promo codes.



    Citymapper is ideal for locum tenens doctors who want to take public transportation to get to and from their destination, but have no idea how to get around. The app provides updates in real-time to make trip-planning easier. It provides detailed information on subways, buses, ferries, bike routing and rail services.



    This app is incredibly useful for any physician who has a knack for becoming scatter brained with their personal agenda. By forwarding your travel confirmation emails, your master itinerary is created for you so that you never have to worry about where to go and what time to be there.

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