• 5 Reasons Why Physicians are Working Locum Tenens More Than Ever

    5 Reasons Why Physicians are Working Locum Tenens More Than Ever

    As the demand for qualified physicians in under-serviced areas grows, more and more physicians of varying specialties and experience levels find themselves working locum tenens assignments. There are certainly pros and cons of locum tenens work, but physicians are primarily focused on the numerous benefits that working with a locum tenens agency can offer them. In fact, in addition to more physicians turning to locum tenens opportunities, more hospitals and medical facilities are filling vacancies by partnering up with locum tenens staffing agencies.


    1. Financial Benefits

    One of the main reasons why physicians take on locum tenens jobs is to supplement their income with part time work. Just as there will always be employment for physicians, such is the case with medical school loans and other bills. The added salary of locum tenens work helps to mitigate the mountain of expense that a beginning physician may accumulate.


    1. Experience and Education

    Experience and a well-rounded bevy of medical knowledge are attractive attributes for a physician to possess. Aware of this, physicians take on locum tenens work to diversify their skillsets and become more capable in their craft. Locums tenens assignments afford physicians with the opportunity to gain an understanding of just about any other practice area, increasing their future career outlook.


    1. Better Work-Life Balance

    Physician burnout is a very real problem that contributes to the scarcity of qualified physicians in hospitals and other medical facilities. In fact, physicians who can’t maintain a healthy work-life balance are more likely to retire early, switch careers, and in some extreme cases, leave the field entirely. The flexibility of working locum tenens assignments gives physicians a chance to create a much more amicable work schedule.

    Locum tenens physicians find themselves in the enviable position to be able to work as much as they would like and when things become too much of a burden, can focus on hobbies and loved ones. Physicians employed full-time don’t have the same liberties. While hospitals try to reduce the burdens of their staff, it’s not common for a full-time physician to be able to have an active routine outside of work that can compare to that of a locum tenens physician.


    1. Ability to Work Beyond Retirement

    Many physicians retire to avoid the daily grind of maintaining a practice, but still possess a strong desire to continue provide services to their patients. Instead of continuing to work full-time in a hospital or medical facility, they turn their focus towards locum tenens staffing agencies to find assignments suitable to their specific interests. By doing so, they’re able to set their own schedule, work close to home, and most of all, medical facilities enjoy working with retired physicians because of their experience, reliability, and ease to work with.


    1. Exploring Career Options

    Not every aspiring physician knows what they want to do with their career after they complete their residency. For that reason, working locum tenens is a viable option for new physicians to dive right into before settling into a permanent position with a medical facility. It allows them to figure out what they want in their work environment, and where they would like to practice. By experiencing different settings right off the bat, they’re able to learn more and ultimately become stronger physicians for the long-term.


    Employment opportunities in the medical field are going to increase exponentially over the next few years, which will in turn increase the demand for locum tenens physicians. For more information on locum tenens options, contact us at 1-866-312-1177 and speak to a Mint Physicians Staffing agent today!

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