• The Benefits of Working Telemedicine

    The Benefits of Working Telemedicine

    The healthcare delivery model is changing. A visit to the doctor’s office or the hospital is no longer necessary for immediate treatment of a variety of medical ailments. Mint Physicians Staffing provides physicians with locum tenens assignments to bring quality medical care nationwide. Our consultants can also provide Telemedicine opportunities for physicians.

    What is Telemedicine?

    Telemedicine is a relatively new concept in the healthcare industry. Its original purpose was to provide treatment for those in remote areas, or in locations with a shortage of medical professionals. Now, Telemedicine has created a more accessible form of healthcare, allowing doctors to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. With technological advances that allow for new levels of accessibility and affordability, telemedicine is proving to be an extremely convenient form of medical care.

    How is Telemedicine Used?

    While some more serious injuries or illnesses still require direct attention from a doctor, the world of Telemedicine is expanding and benefiting the medical world in many ways. Today, Telemedicine is applied in various forms:

    • Follow up visits. With a more convenient form of follow up, patients can miss fewer appointments, and physicians can improve patient outcome.
    • Remote patient monitoring and preventative care. Physicians can track a patient’s vital signs and other health data from a distance, giving them the ability to watch for warning signs and intervene for those who are at risk for a health issue.
    • Remote chronic disease management. Chronic disease management is made easier with frequent appointments through Telemedicine, which are easier and less expensive than repeated visits to the doctor’s office.
    • Senior Support. For those that need additional support in assisted living centers, an on-call doctor can conduct a remote visit to determine the necessity of a hospital visit, especially during odd hours.

    When used under the right conditions and for appropriate cases, Telemedicine has been shown to be as safe and effective as in-person care.

    What are the benefits of working in Telemedicine?

    infographic - why you should work in telemedicine

    Telemedicine allows doctors to provide quality patient care to regions and

    underserved populations that need medical attention. Mint Physicians Staffing works with a variety of Telemedicine companies nationwide. A physician working with a telemedicine company can benefit from having a very flexible schedule. Physicians can keep their full-time jobs while earning supplemental income through telemedicine work. Telemedicine also allows healthcare professionals to work from the convenience of their home, or during downtime at their full-time job.

    Physicians working telemedicine can benefit from:

    • Create your own paycheck. Get paid for each consult instead of hourly.
    • Improved health outcomes of patients
    • The ability to treat those in remote areas or with mobility issues
    • Fewer missed appointments and cancellations
    • Job flexibility

    By supplementing a locum tenens assignment with on-call Telemedicine work, physicians can experience life and work in their desired location, while earning extra income through a remote job.

    With a growing mobile health field, patients across the world are more likely to use mobile health apps and mobile medical devices to monitor and track their health. Things like monitoring glucose levels, measuring blood pressure, or diagnosing an infection are now possible from the convenience of your own home. Because of this evolving form of medical treatment, patients are more apt to alternative forms of care, like telemedicine.

    Physicians seeking locum tenens assignments or roles in on-call Telemedicine can benefit from the consulting and job placement offered by Mint Physicians Staffing.

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