• Holiday Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians

    Holiday Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians

    As previously discussed in our article, Why You Should Work Locum Tenens During the Holidays, the winter months combine vacation time, the need to see family and friends, time off from work, and cold-weather illnesses that can leave hospitals and other health care facilities with a staff shortage. Unfortunately, accidents, injuries, and illnesses don’t slow down during the seasonal festivities, requiring facilities to be fully-staffed as usual. This time of year lends plenty of opportunity to the traveling physician, seeking a holiday assignment for some extra pay.

    Securing a locum tenens job before the holidays is the perfect way to ensure you’re making money and further developing your career in medicine. For those locum tenens traveling and working assignments over the holiday months, here’s a guide for holiday travel tips that can help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your locum tenens assignment!

    Plan Your Assignment with Plenty of Notice

    Our physician coordinators are happy to match you with a job opportunity that best fits your capabilities and developmental needs. Since many people long to be with family and friends during the holiday, schedule changes are common. We suggest you plan your locum tenens assignment with plenty of notice, so that you are able to fulfill the duties and hours of the job, while still being able to take some time to enjoy the holidays for yourself.

    Take Advantage of the Opportunity

    A physician seeking a travel opportunity would be wise to make use of a holiday locum tenens assignment, as this time of year presents plenty of challenges that foster physician development. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season presents unique challenges to the healthcare industry, which can prove as invaluable experience to help you on your next assignment, or when you open your own practice in the future.  Gaining experience in the healthcare industry gives you the foot in the door that you need to obtain an assignment in your most desirable destination.

    Make Use of Your Apps

    Check out our blog post that highlights the most useful traveling apps for locum tenens physicians. It includes helpful tools for hotels, public transportation, coordinating your agenda, and getting around town easier. These apps will certainly come in handy during the busy holiday season.

    Use Your New Location as a Vacation Destination

    Who says you have to spend the holidays alone? Since you’ll be temporarily living in a new city for your temporary physician assignment, why not take advantage of the opportunity and use it as a vacation destination for your family? Invite your family and closest friends out to visit you and celebrate the holidays together. You can use this time to explore your new city, and show them around your new favorite spots. Use this opportunity to reconnect with distance family and friends that don’t live near your hometown.

    Revisit Your Hometown Traditions

    No need to skip out on holiday traditions just because you’ll be in a new location. If you always enjoyed baking, decorating, volunteering, or hosting a holiday get together, stay in the holiday spirit by continuing to participate in the customs that make you the happiest. This can keep your spirits high while away from family or friends.

    Bring Your Family

    Locum tenens physicians always have the option of bringing family along. This can make your holiday assignment that much more enjoyable while being with those you’re closest too. It could also serve as a great opportunity for you to explore a new town as a family, and you can even establish some new holiday traditions!

    Your willingness to serve on a holiday locum tenens assignment helps to serve other facilities that may been understaffed during the holiday season, and it helps develop your career in the healthcare industry.



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