• Healthcare and Staffing Predictions for 2018

    Healthcare and Staffing Predictions for 2018

    The healthcare industry has ditched its “slow moving” reputation for a fast-paced environment much like many other industries today. With changes rolling out across all aspects of medicine, it can be hard to anticipate what 2018 will look like both in the application of medicine and for those who are working in healthcare. As the leading locum tenens physician recruiters in the nation, Mint Physician Staffing can offer some insight on potential challenges and benefits we might see in 2018, both for employees, organizations, and all medical experts.

    Increased Natural Disaster Planning

    With the 2017 Hurricane season being one of the most active and dangerous on record, places like Houston, Texas, Puerto Rico, and parts of South Florida were severely damaged in the wake of unstoppable hurricanes. In the midst of flooding, power outages, and lack of doctors, locum tenens physicians ran towards the issue to step-in and provide as much medical assistance as possible. With wildfires, earthquakes, mudslides, and flooding, there’s no shortage of opportunities for physicians to lend assistance. In 2018, hospitals, ERs, and other healthcare facilities will be ramping up their emergency response teams to ensure that no one is left without proper care in the wake of a natural disaster. With this in mind, available physicians are encouraged to speak with a locum tenens recruiter that can help quickly get them to an area in need.

    Hospitals will begin implementing NASA-like command centers

    Much like command centers we see in airports, hospital staff will soon be able to address the capacity, safety, quality, and wait times across their own facilities all from one central hub, a NASA-like command center. The goal is to improve overall hospitality efficiency and minimize the common issues that plague the healthcare industry. This can prove extremely helpful in the overall patient satisfaction level for doctors, and allow hospitals to operate in a more organized and efficient manner.

    Quicker Licensing

    Rather than wait for a federal level policy change, those in the healthcare industry are working to pass state-level policy change that includes streamlining a multi-state licensing process for physicians which will allow them to practice medicine across state lines. This effort is being led by the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC), a branch of the Federation of State Medical Boards. The goal is that more doctors will be able to obtain their proper licensure which will allow them to serve in locum tenens and telemedicine positions across multiple states, and quickly gain the ability to serve in areas of dire need.

    According to the IMLC, “The Application process is expedited by leveraging the physicians existing information previously submitted in their state of principal license (SPL). The SPL will verify the physician’s information and conduct a fresh background check. Once qualified the Physician may select any number of Compact states for which they desire to practice.”

    Medical experts have much to look forward to in 2018; the ability to apply their experience and skillset in times of crisis, a potentially smoother-running healthcare facility, and quicker state by state licensing that allows easier transition from one location to another.


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