• Locum Tenens Staffing: A Pathway to a Permanent Job

    Locum Tenens Staffing: A Pathway to a Permanent Job

    Finding Permanent Positions through Locum Tenens Staffing

    Finding the right physicians for your facility can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. At Mint Physician Staffing, we are here to bring ease to your employee search. Our agency offers permanent and temporary physician placement for many different positions. Many facilities find that hiring a locum tenens position can transition into filling a permanent job. If you have not discovered the opportunities of locum tenens to permanent employment, we encourage you to contact our agency. We can assist in your healthcare job placement.

    Locum Tenens Can Become Permanent Employment

    Locum tenens may be a temporary solution for an empty position, but it can be your ideal fit for finding a permanent employee. While it can seem counterintuitive to hire a locum tenens physician for a permanent position, it makes sense when you consider the factors. First, locum tenens physicians are often less costly than full-time positions. This means that you can fill the position and provide quality care without risking a major investment. Additionally, locum tenens physicians are some of the best in their fields.

    Many physicians choose to practice locum tenens rather than other positions. This allows for exploration of career options, giving physicians the flexibly they need to find their right trajectory. Many doctors in locum tenens positions find themselves looking for a full-time position in that branch. This can present the perfect opportunity for turning your locum tenens physician into a full-time professional for your facility.

    Fewer Risks with Locum Tenens to Permanent

    Hiring a new physician and completing the on-boarding process can be costly. With locum tenens, facilities can essentially have a trial period with qualified medical professionals. This allows both the center and the doctor to try out the equation. If it is deemed to be a good fit, it’s an easy transition to bring a locum tenens physician to full-time employment.

    The medical malpractice risks for physicians who are new to your facility can be a hurdle for many. But at Mint Physician Staffing, we offer medical malpractice as a part of our locum tenens staffing solutions. We take care of malpractice insurance, offering peace of mind for your facility. In addition, we help ensure that our healthcare professionals are fully licensed and accredited with the necessary clearances to practice at your center.

    Locum Tenens Can Work for You

    Finding new permanent employees can be a challenge for any medical facility. At Mint Physician Staffing, we aim to make the process much easier with our permanent and temporary physician placement services. Locum tenens is an ideal way to see how potential new employees work at your facility, with patients, and with your team. It offers fewer commitments than traditional full-time employment, allowing facilities to work with possible job candidates while enjoying fewer risks. For those doctors who are the right fit, locum tenens work can easily switch to full-time employment.

    If you are interested in learning more about leveraging locum tenens to full time employment, or if you’d like to post a job listing, please do not hesitate to contact our agency. Our team at Mint Physician Staffing looks forward to helping you find your right fit.

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