• Daily Relaxation & Meditation Tips for Physicians

    Daily Relaxation & Meditation Tips for Physicians

    Medical physicians experience frequent intense situations that inevitably cause stress and exhaustion while working. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in work responsibilities and forget about taking care of yourself. Physician burnout is a term that describes physicians when they are so stressed and overworked that patients are starting to feel the negative effects of this issue. According to recent studies, doctors are more likely to experience burnout than any other profession. Taking the time each day to relax and meditate will do wonders for doctors and our physician staffing agency shares with you helpful relaxation and meditation tips for medical physicians to perform daily on the job. Taking care of yourself will not only benefit you as a doctor but the patients as well.

    Meditation for Physicians

    The ability to recognize that you are distracted and overwhelmed at work is extremely helpful for you to start taking action on fixing this issue immediately. The benefits of daily meditation for physicians include regaining focus, increasing relaxation levels, and gaining balance in your life. Happiness at work is possible with the ability to take control over your body. Actively practicing breathing exercises will allow you to regroup when you feel that a situation is getting out of hand. Try finding a few minutes each morning to meditate before you head to work and see your first patient, as well as at night before bed. If you’re at the hospital, escape to the call room for a few minutes to regroup and and focus on your breath. You will quickly start to feel the positive influence that meditation has over all aspects of your life.

    Preventing Physician Burnout

    According to a heart health studyDr. Robert Schneider, director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, found that meditation can decrease stress and anxiety, decrease blood pressure and muscle tension, and increase blood flow to the heart.

    Taking the time to just pause and breathe throughout a hectic day will allow you to regain focus and strength. You can also remove yourself from a stressful environment by taking a walk and finding a spot to practice meditation with no one around. It’s so important for medical physicians to listen to their body and take the time to relax.

    Many physicians have also turned to locum tenens as a way of minimizing stress in their lives. With locum tenens, physicians are able to work when they want, where they want. Most of the time, physicians can maintain their income levels or increase them by working locum tenens. To prevent physician burnout, locum tenens can be a simple solution and will give you the time you need to keep stressors at bay.

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