• Learning Delegation for Physicians: The Key to Less Stress

    Learning Delegation for Physicians: The Key to Less Stress

    Physicians have extremely high intense jobs that require a clear headspace and focus at all times. There comes a point when your body can’t handle all the stress and your work performance starts to become affected. The key to less stress in this industry is learning how to delegate certain responsibilities so that physician burnout can be avoided. Identifying early stages of burnout comes with experience and our locum tenens agency shares with you the act of delegation and how it can avoid high stress levels during work. Delegation for medical physicians can be closely associated with less burnout, which will in turn benefit all parties involved.


    Too many responsibilities on your plate will only cause you to become overwhelmed and not be able to fulfill the most important tasks. Relying on a nurse practitioner or physician assistant when it comes to smaller tasks such as conducting initial exams, taking patients history and handling the follow-up process will allow you to avoid burnout and high stress levels.


    Other smaller tasks that can be delegated to staff members include coordination and communication with all patients. Utilize scribes to help document your patient encounters. Delegation will strengthen teamwork and help physicians focus solely on larger tasks at hand. Team members will also feel empowered by being given new tasks. Not only will this help prevent burnout, but physician satisfaction will in turn increase with delegation. Patients will never feel the negative effects of physician burnout and tasks will be completed in a timely manner with the extra help.


    The Benefits of Delegation for Physicians


    • Physicians will have more time to complete important tasks correctly and efficiently
    • Increased focus and enthusiasm will be a helpful result for all physicians
    • Decreasing exhaustion levels at work and reducing ineffectiveness
    • Increased productivity and happiness


    Mint Physician Staffing understands the growing issue of physician burnout and we recommend delegation as the key to reducing stress levels for all medical physicians. It’s important to allow others to help you especially in the demanding medical industry.

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