• Traveling Medical Jobs

    Traveling Medical Jobs

    Locum tenens offers a world of choices including positions in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. There are many traveling medical jobs and healthcare job placement opportunities to choose from when working with a locum tenens staffing agency. As a healthcare professional, we’re sure you thrive off traveling, but also love your stable job. Luckily, there are different opportunities in healthcare that allow you to work in the medical field and travel.

    Many locum tenens physicians are those who are nearing retirement but desire to continue their practice and earn money. However, not all locum tenens physicians are those nearing the end of their career. New, young physicians who wish to try out different opportunities before settling down opt for locum tenens as well.

    Traveling medical jobs are great for new graduates seeking opportunities that will gain them more experience and expand their medical skills, or for seasoned clinicians who wish to continue working in the medical field after closing their practice. There are healthcare job placement opportunities all over the country.

    Perks of traveling medical jobs

    Many locum tenens agencies will cover travel expenses. Mint provides full travel and lodging accommodations for most hospital-based locum tenens positions. We’ll even provide a rental car or pay for your mileage! You can also book your own travel and submit your receipts to Mint for reimbursement. Speak with a recruiter for more information about Mint’s travel policy.

    Did You Know: Most hotels offer a generous discount for physicians. These discounts often will reduce your room rate by 20%!

    Mint Physician Staffing offers plenty of opportunities for the traveling medical professional, including short-term and long-term travel and local locum tenens careers in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country. See our job board and get started on your locum tenens career today.

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