• Flexible Workforce and Float Pools: What Are They?

    Flexible Workforce and Float Pools: What Are They?

    Locum tenens positions are unique, for the fact that they provide the opportunity to pick up some additional income when needed. Whether you’re fresh out of school or have years of experience on your belt, you can work for a career in locum tenens. There are different options to choose from, as well, which includes flexible workforce, or float pools.

    What is a Flexible Workforce?

    A flexible workforce, also known as a float pool, is simply a group of flexible employees who are able to work in different departments based on their skills, availability, and location. Float pools ensure that services continue to all clients in need, regardless of absences in the workplace.

    How is a Flexible Workforce Implemented?

    Absences are inevitable in large workplaces, and shift gaps must be filled to continue all operations. Unfortunately, a great percentage of companies in the United States can’t fill their open positions. Flexible talent-access platforms, such as Mint Physician Staffing, make it easy to bring in the skills needed for the right project at the right time.

    Benefits of a Flexible Workforce / Float Pools

    Greater access to talent: Increasing the geographic scope of talent recruitment across the United States allows for healthcare employers to hire niche professionals without having to disrupt the normal workflow of other employees in the facility.

    Greater speed: Because clients, especially in healthcare facilities, expect immediate response and resolution, positions can be filled immediately, and regular business operations never cease.

    Is a Flexible Workforce the Future of Work?

    Companies, like a locum tenens agency, have already been proactive in their approach to this business shift. Staffing employment has been growing fast because employees are receiving the work culture they want without sacrificing any productivity, as well as creating their own schedule.

    If you’re looking into healthcare job placement in Houston, Texas, for a flexible workforce, or simply wish to work with a reputable locum tenens agency, contact Mint Physician Staffing today.

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