• Average Salary for Locum Tenens in Houston, TX

    Average Salary for Locum Tenens in Houston, TX

    If you’ve considered locum tenens careers in Houston, we’re sure you’re interested in knowing what to expect, especially salary-wise. Here at Mint Physician Staffing, we’ve happily taken the time to break down the national average salary for locum tenens in Houston, TX, as well as provide some variables to consider that will affect your salary at your healthcare job placement.

    Based on a personal career advisor that allows you to explore salaries across companies, jobs, and locations all across the United States called Paysa, those who work locum tenens careers in Houston earned an average of $189,000 in April 2018. However, there are some locum tenens healthcare job placement positions in Houston earning more than $192K a year.

    According to Glassdoor, a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management, the average salary for a locum tenens pediatric nurse practitioner in Houston, TX is just over $130,000 a year. This salary is based on 79 salaries submitted by pediatric nurse practitioners working locum tenens in the Houston, TX area.

    Factors that affect salary to consider are:

    • Medical Specialties: Physicians working in different medical specialties are going to earn different salaries.
    • Facility Type: The facility type that you’re working in will affect your salary at your healthcare job placement. If you’re working at a small-town clinic, chances are your salary is going to differ from a salary you’d earn if you were working at a larger medical center.
    • Amount of Applicants: Locum tenens salary rates are also going to be more competitive in a city where many applicants are applying for the same job. However, the salary rates may be higher in certain areas. The need to fill locum tenens careers in rural areas of Houston is higher.


    Taking all these factors into account, considering your healthcare job placement in Houston will boil down to personal preference and that’s where Mint Physician Staffing comes into play. With a group of talented recruiters on hand, who are dedicated to finding the right fit for every physician, the perfect locums opportunity is possible.

    Contact Mint Physician Staffing locum tenens agency to find locum tenens careers in Houston today.

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