• A Comprehensive Guide for The Locum Tenens Travel Physician

    A Comprehensive Guide for The Locum Tenens Travel Physician

    After years of hard work in medical school, residency, and fellowship, you deserve to take a vacation. But how do you find the time between your numerous professional and personal obligations?

    Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced physician with years of practice under your belt, there are options you can explore, such as national and international humanitarian missions, conducting research, or working locum tenens, that will allow you to travel while continuing to practice medicine.

    Taking advantage of the travel required for some locum tenens assignments is an attractive prospect for many doctors, especially when travel and lodging accommodations are provided during the length of the assignment.

    Whether you’re seeking a long-term or short-term assignment that is close to home or across the country, locum tenens might be what you’re looking for.


    Traveling as a Locum Tenens Physician

    As you consider your options for locum tenens assignments both near and far, some of the advantages of travel jobs are:

    • Getting paid to travel. Most of our hospital-based locum tenens assignments will provide travel and lodging accommodations, so it’s an easy way to see and experience the country while continuing to provide invaluable healthcare and earn additional income.
    • Our travel team handles the logistics. Once you and your recruiter decide to move forward with a locum tenens position, our travel team will make all the necessary arrangements for you. All you’ll need to do is pack and go!
    • The choice is yours. As a locum tenens physician, the ball is in your court. You tell us where you want to go and what your ideal schedule is, and our job is to find you a match, so you have full autonomy over where you’ll be working, your schedule at the facility, and the length of the assignment.


    Fresh Travel Tips from Mint

    1. Plan ahead. Before rushing off to the airport in the pursuit of adventure, make sure you have your boarding pass (paper or electronic) ready to go along with your driver’s license or passport. Additionally, make sure you leave for the airport with plenty of time to spare just in case you get caught in traffic or long lines at security. Or skip the line entirely with TSA PreCheck. To apply, visit the TSA PreCheck website.
    2. Pack light. It’s helpful to pack lightly so you don’t have to deal with the headache of checking a bag (it’s just one more thing for the airline to lose). Neutral and versatile clothing that can be paired with different outfits is a plus when packing to save space.
    3. ENJOY! You work hard, and you deserve to enjoy yourself. Take your time when checking out travel blogs and websites as well as sourcing ideas from your family & friends. Go to an event or two, eat like a local (or don’t), and wander a little bit!


    Mint Physician Staffing’s Travel Policy

    Here’s more information about Mint’s travel policy. Your recruiter will be able to answer any travel-related questions that may come up during the job application process.

    • No receipt, no reimbursement: Keep your receipts so that we can pay you back based on any/all travel related expenses that have been approved in advance in writing.
    • Use of your vehicle: For certain clients and assignments, you might have to use your personal vehicle for pre-authorized company business. Mileage will only be reimbursed for the amount authorized in your written confirmation letter from us for the assignment mileage to be reimbursed for. In summary: You might need to use your own car occasionally, but we will reimburse you for mileage for a pre-determined amount that you’ll know going in.
    • Personal credit card required for incidentals: When you check in at your hotel, the room and taxes associated will be paid for by Mint and its clients. For all other charges and incidentals, you will be asked to present a personal credit card.
    • Airfare: Airline tickets should be booked in advance to take advantage of any discounts. All air travel will be coach class. Please keep in mind that all discount fares do not allow for changes to the itinerary, so you must be able to commit to the travel dates and change them only in the direst of circumstances. Any airline change fees will be deducted from your payroll unless those changes are approved in writing, in advance, by your Mint representative.
    • Automobile rental: If approved, a rental will be booked and paid for in full by Mint. However, Mint will not be providing rental car insurance. Insurance coverage will have to be provided by your personal liability insurance policy. Any additional coverage that you choose to add on the car rental will be deducted in full from your payroll. Gas reimbursement must be approved in writing, in advance, by your Mint representative and must include a receipt. Any gas charges on the rental car bill will also be deduced in full from your payroll.
    • Taxi & other transportation costs: Utilize shuttle/hotel bus service when possible and present all ground transportation for reimbursement.
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