• Locum Tenens: Is it for you?

    Locum Tenens: Is it for you?

    Locum tenens is a Latin phrase used to describe physicians and advanced practitioners who work temporary healthcare job placement positions, often moving from place to place to fulfill roles for healthcare facilities in need of help.

    Oftentimes, a facility has a high need for locums staffing due to seasonality, doctors out on leave, or when they are simply understaffed. As a premier locum tenens agency, it is our job at Mint Physician Staffing to place quality physicians and advanced practitioners in said facilities for the needed shifts so that the facilities can continue to serve their communities day in and day out.

    Those who work locum tenens are well-compensated and have the ability to choose how long they wish to work in a particular city or state. If you are a well-organized, flexible physician, locum tenens can be both lucrative and rewarding.

    Locum tenens assignments can be as short as a day or extend for months at a time. This type of healthcare job placement provides the perfect opportunity for the physician who wants to work a few extra shifts, or for those who like to travel and explore new communities for longer terms. You have the opportunity to balance your income and free time as you please.

    If you’re trying to decide if locum tenens is right for you, Mint Physician Staffing suggests asking yourself the following questions:

    • Do you like to travel?
    • Are you open to working in a new city you have never visited before?
    • Do you want more time with patients, and less time with administrative headaches?
    • Do you want to increase your income?
    • Do you need to keep working during your search for the perfect permanent position?
    • Do you want to switch up your routine?
    • Are you a retiree who wants to continue working on your own schedule?
    • Have you ever wanted to give back to under-served communities?
    • Are you interested in greater pay with more flexibility?


    If you answered yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to consider working locum tenens with a physician staffing agency like Mint Physician Staffing! We’ll take care of all the logistics and help with credentialing. We even help with licensing in other states. Contact our recruitment specialists today to see how locum tenens healthcare job placement can work for you.

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