• Explore the Unique Places that Locum Tenens Work Can Take You

    Explore the Unique Places that Locum Tenens Work Can Take You

    If you’re considering a locum tenens career, you’ll know that your healthcare job placement can take you to many new and exciting places that you may have never even considered exploring before. Mint Physician Staffing, a locum tenens agency that specializes in telemedicine staffing and much more, shares some awesome and unique places that locum tenens careers can take you.


    Miami, Florida

    There’s a reason that snowbirds spend their entire winter in Florida (just look at that photo of Miami)! With that being said, locum tenens careers in Miami flourish during the wintertime. Even though it’s the coldest time of the year everywhere else, Florida keeps things warm and sunny. This means that you can still explore and enjoy all the beaches the Sunshine State has to offer, as well as all the plethora of amusement parks that are just a leisurely drive away.


    Houston, Texas

    Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the job opportunities for locum tenens careers in Houston! Named one of the top 5 best states to live in, Texas can bring you plenty of places to explore on all your days off. Not only will you be living good in Texas, but you’ll be eatin’ well! Never pass up on some finger-lickin’ Texas BBQ food. But don’t just take our word for it, check out this 2018 GQ article on how great Houston is!

    Houston happens to also be HQ for Mint Physician Staffing. Here are some of our personal favorite BBQ spots:

    • The Pit Room
    • Houston Barbecue Company
    • Burns Original BBQ
    • Roegels Barbecue Co.
    • Killen’s Barbecue


    Phoenix, Arizona

    Aside from all the amazing, breathtaking views, you can take in when in Arizona, the Phoenix-Scottsdale area is a great place to take up a telemedicine staffing or any other locum tenens job placement. With the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, the Petrified Forest, golf courses, nightlife, and so much more, it’s not a question as to why Arizona is one of the best places locum tenens work can bring you.


    San Francisco, California

    Although the cost of living is more expensive in California, one of the best places locum tenens work can bring you is the Golden State. With the abundance of healthcare job placement opportunities, as well as state parks and beaches, you’ll be able to explore all types of wonders in this lovely state. Be sure to check out these classic tourist attractions:

    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Alcatraz Island
    • Fisherman’s Wharf


    Are you ready to hit the road and explore some of the best places locum tenens work can bring you? Start right here with Mint Physician Staffing, a reputable locum tenens agency that will take you places! Contact one of our Mint Physician recruiters to get started with a new healthcare job placement today.

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