• Locum Tenens Careers Can Help You Pay Off Student Loan Debt

    Locum Tenens Careers Can Help You Pay Off Student Loan Debt

    Of all the challenges that new healthcare workers have to deal with, student loan debt may be the most exasperating of them all. Aside from entering one of the most fast-paced working environments in the country, having to manage medical school debt brings added stress to everyday life. If you’re a new physician who’s facing the finances, just know that there are solutions – one of them being locum tenens careers. Mint Physician Staffing, a reputable locum tenens agency, shares some insight as to how a telemedicine staffing job, or any other locum tenens healthcare job placement, can help you pay off student loan debt.


    Begin Paying Off Student Loan Debt Immediately

    If you’ve done your research and planned ahead, being a physician straight out of training, you can have locum tenens assignments already lined up, which will allow you to begin practicing immediately. Locum tenens work is temporary, flexible, and there are plenty of opportunities all across the country.

    In places where there is high demand, physicians fresh out of medical school can earn higher rates and pick up extra shifts to boost their income. In turn, this makes it easier to pay off student loan debt. It’s also an added plus that housing, travel, and malpractice premiums are covered with your healthcare job placement.

    Aside from being able to pay off student loan debt with locum tenens careers, you’re receiving invaluable experience in a wide variety of medical fields. This experience looks great on paper, especially to your future employers.


    Find a Partner You Can Trust

    Be proactive, and get started on your healthcare job placement with a reputable locum tenens agency today. Contact one of out Mint Physician recruiters today to get started on your path.

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