• Important Documents You’ll Need to Land a Job in Locum Tenens

    Important Documents You’ll Need to Land a Job in Locum Tenens

    As with any new job, paperwork is essential to get started – whether it’s bringing your resume to your initial interview or signing your new hire forms. It’s important to be very organized when it comes to paperwork and documents, and Mint Physician Staffing is here to give you the run down. Below are some important steps to follow regarding the types of paperwork you’ll need upon beginning your locum tenens career.



    To begin the timeline of important documents, we’ll start with your education information. Gather all the important information relating to undergraduate school, as well as medical school – this includes the degrees and certificates you may have earned along the way. This can help with locum tenens careers.


    Residency and Fellowship

    Although residency may feel like forever ago, a reputable locum tenens agency like Mint Physician Staffing will want to hear all about it. The important documents for residency should include the name of the institution you attended, address, phone number, number of years you attended, the degree obtained, and your residency certificate.



    Licenses include all states, CSPs, DEA, and Life Support Cards. Your potential employers may ask for information regarding the states issued, dates issued, and dates expired. They can also ask for physical copies of these licenses, so make sure you have copies of your licenses before seeking locum tenens careers.



    For locum tenens careers, we suggest putting together any and all board certifications you may have received, along with past and present credentials, references, and anything else that can help as far as specialty certifications go.



    In order to land a healthcare job placement, you must have a government-issued identification card or a green card. You will also need a membership with the Council for Affordable Healthcare. J1 or H1B Visas are not eligible for locum tenens careers.

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