• Urgent Care Growth Opens Greater Opportunities for Locum Tenens

    Urgent Care Growth Opens Greater Opportunities for Locum Tenens

    As urgent care centers grow and evolve, so does the need for employees. Most urgent care facilities are open seven days a week, even if they’re only open for a few hours on one of the days. Any reputable healthcare facility strives to deliver unforgettable customer service. Unfortunately, with so many days a week being open and so many hours that need to be covered, patient experience can dwindle at an urgent care center when there’s mediocre care from physician to patient due to lack of time. One of the best solutions to this problem is locum tenens for urgent care facilities. Our recruitment experts at Mint Physician Staffing locum tenens agency know how important temporary physician placement can be in an urgent care setting, and we’re here to help.


    Temporary Physician Placement is in Demand

    When an urgent care facility partners with recruiters at a physician staffing agency like ours at Mint Physician Staffing, they find consistency, flexibility, greater support, satisfaction, time, and more with locum tenens. Because demand for healthcare job placement is high, those seeking a career in locum tenens can find one in urgent care.

    With the growth of urgent care centers in the United States, facilities are looking for individuals in the field to fill positions temporarily and full-time. Those looking for a healthcare job placement have the opportunity to pick up extra work if they need to, and they can choose when they do so.


    Urgent Care Offers Decent Hours

    Any emergency medicine physician understands what it’s like to work on a 24-hour clock; however, the hours at urgent care facilities are steady and predictable. While one emergency medicine physician may work a 12-hour shift at their hospital, locum tenens for urgent care most likely will not.


    Get in Touch with a Locum Tenens Agency That Will Work for You

    Our recruiters at Mint Physician Staffing will work with you, and for you, to help you secure a healthcare job placement at an urgent care facility. Contact our physician staffing agency today for more.

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