• Why Medical Directors Should Use a Locum Tenens Agency

    Why Medical Directors Should Use a Locum Tenens Agency

    There are plenty of reasons as to why using a locum tenens agency for healthcare job placement is necessary. If a permanent physician is out on extended leave, has retired, or any other unexpected circumstances occur, temporary physician placement can be a lifesaver for your healthcare facility. As the medical director of a healthcare facility, your job is to create an environment where doctors can save lives each day. A locum tenens agency like Mint Physician Staffing can work as a serious buffer for medical directors seeking to perfect the environment in which the doctors work.


    As a medical director, you are responsible for planning the efficient delivery of services in your unit. Medical directors are responsible for providing management and general medical needs of all current patients and soon-to-be-admitted patients. Temporary physician placement from a locum tenens agency will allow you to fill the temporary physician vacancies or over-admission of patients. This is especially helpful when working within an emergency medicine group. Although these new healthcare job placement candidates still require regular vetting for the position, they can greatly improve your healthcare facility’s quality of care.


    Finding a qualified physician for locum tenens coverage at your facility on your own can be a challenge; however, the reputable account managers at Mint Physician Staffing have the experience and professionalism to make the process quick and easy.

    Whether you’re seeking short-term or long-term physician coverage, Mint’s account managers are available to be a resource for you. Contact an account manager to start onboarding physicians for your facility today.

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