• Physician Staffing in Urgent Care Centers

    Physician Staffing in Urgent Care Centers

    Urgent care centers are an essential part of the healthcare industry, as they provide walk-in services, extended-hour access, acute illness care, injury care, and much more. Although urgent care centers do not care for serious, life-threatening situations, they stabilize patients for a secure commute to an emergency hospital. When it comes to staffing in urgent care, directors follow the physician-based staffing model, employing board-certified family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine physicians, as well as qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

    3 Perks of Visiting an Urgent Care

    1. Patients usually turn to urgent care centers to avoid the long lines and high costs of primary care doctors and hospital visits when their health concern isn’t detrimental
    2. The convenient hours offered are another reason as to why people choose to receive care at an Urgent Care.
    3. Urgent Care centers are often staffed with the same board certified emergency medicine physicians you would find at a hospital-based or freestanding ER.

    With urgent care physicians in demand, employers all over the country are seeking to fill temporary physician placement urgent care jobs so their urgent care clinics continue to operate seamlessly. As these urgent care centers continue to add new sites, services, and jobs, the need for urgent care locum tenens staffing increases. Those seeking a healthcare job placement can find it in this specialty.

    Urgent care facilities that partner with a locum tenens agency will bring greater consistency, flexibility, support, and more. Locum tenens staffing in an urgent care setting helps to stabilize physician coverage, improve satisfaction in patients, keep doors open, and allow them to stay open in pressing times.

    Urgent care locum tenens staffing physician coverage can be complex; however, our reputable recruiters at Mint Physician Staffing have the experience and professionalism any emergency medicine physician can benefit from while seeking healthcare job placement. Contact our recruiters for more information from our primary care and emergency medicine physician consultant.

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