• 3 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens Over the Holidays

    3 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens Over the Holidays


    The holidays are in full-force – with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day – should we go on? While most people who work in corporate settings have these days off, medicine and emergency services don’t shut down for any holiday. There is a bright side of working locum tenens careers, especially because there are many benefits of working locum tenens over the holidays. Below are three of the top reasons to consider temporary healthcare job placement during the holiday season.

    1. Opportunities Abound

    Everyone knows that people want to get home to their families during the holidays, no matter where they are. With so many people heading home for the holidays, facilities often find themselves a little short-handed with some shifts that need to be covered. For patients to continue receiving the quality care they deserve, these shifts must be covered with temporary healthcare job placement. A locum tenens agency, like ours at Mint Physician Staffing, steps in to help physicians and facilities find a mutual partnership that beneficial for both parties.

    2. Higher Pay Rates

    Working locum tenens careers is a fantastic way to supplement your income all year round, but it’s an even better opportunity during the holiday season. As mentioned above, many facilities find themselves short-staffed this time of the year. They rely on temporary physician placement as a stop-gap measure until their permanent physicians return to duty. As a result, holiday pay rates are often higher. This is enticement for other physicians looking to supplement their income during their time away from their permanent jobs. Increased pay rates are also helpful for physicians who work locum tenens as their full-time job.

    3. Holiday Getaway

    Not a fan of the winter months? No worries. When working within locum tenens careers, physicians can pick up an assignment in sunny Florida, or even in the beautiful land of Hawaii. Our locum tenens agency offers many opportunities all around the country that can get you away from the cold weather during the winter months. Working locum tenens during the holidays allows you to continue helping patients receive the crucial care that they need while you soak up the sunshine and warm weather that you want. Did we mention that many of the jobs that we have available offer travel accommodations? Get away and get paid to do so!

    Contact our locum tenens recruiters at Mint Physician Staffing to get your healthcare job placement started today. You can begin your career and start working locum tenens during the holidays before they’re over!



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