• Why Hiring Locum Tenens Pays Off in the Long Run

    Why Hiring Locum Tenens Pays Off in the Long Run

    Whether physicians are seeking a mid-career change or finding a way to reconnect with their love for medicine after they’ve retired, locum tenens could be the answer they’re looking for – and you could be the facility providing the opportunities. Utilizing part-time physicians is an extremely helpful way to fill critical jobs during shortfalls of staffing in a healthcare facility.

    As we all know, maintaining the highest level of patient care in your facility is the main priority. Temporary physician placement could be the answer to any difficulties you may have had in the past regarding filling positions and providing care to those in need. 

    Temporary physician placement and locum tenens physicians can help to:

    • Provide continuous coverage
    • Fill part-time physician jobs
    • Fill gaps needed while seeking a permanent physician
    • Maintain patient care
    • Increase profits during difficult staffing periods
    • Improve patient satisfaction
    • Fill gaps for when permanent physicians are using their time off
    • Promote improvement within coworkers and patient care
    • Build patient volume
    • Fill in when permanent physicians are nearing a burnout phase
    • Save money on a healthcare facility’s budget



    Behind every temporary physician is a locum tenens agency who is able to provide you and your facility with the coverage you need. Here at MintPhysician Staffing, we specialize in healthcare job placement in emergency medicine, telemedicine staffing, urgent care, and many more specialties.

    If you’re interested in working with a reputable physician staffing agency, contact us today to get started. We offer qualified board certified and board eligible physicians across the United States who will meet your staffing criteria.

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