• What to Include in Your CV

    What to Include in Your CV

    When searching for the perfect locum tenens job that suits your professional needs, having a perfect medical curriculum vitae (CV) is vital to your success! Your CV is the record of education, training, experience, and professional accomplishments that help you stand out in the sea of aspiring locum tenens physicians. Our physician recruitment specialists at Mint Physician staffing share some CV tips and important elements to include in your CV so you can land the job you desire.

    An Objective

    State your intentions and your career goals at the start of your CV in one or two sentences.

    Your Contact Information

    We know it sounds obvious – but believe it or not, people do forget to include their contact information! Your CV should start with your name, followed by your degree and other abbreviated credentials that you deserve to include in your professional physician name. Include your address, email address, and phone numbers where recruiters can reach you at any time of the day.

    Your Career History

    Starting with your current or most recent position, include the full name of where you worked, your starting and ending dates, the specialty, your position, and the name of your supervisor. Continue in reverse chronological order.

    Your Licenses and Certifications

    Make sure you list the licenses you’ve obtained with numbers and expiration dates. Note your board certification, as well as the recertification and expiration dates associated with it.

    Relevant Memberships and Achievements

    Include professional affiliations, honors, achievements, and awards that pertain to locum tenens work.


    If you have any publications in peer-reviewed journals or have had a role in a relevant research project, this is something to include in your CV.

    Our locum tenens agency has placed thousands of highly qualified physicians in locum tenens positions throughout the country for more than 20 years. If you’re seeking a job with a reputable locum tenens agency, contact our specialists at Mint Physician Staffing for more help with building your CV and landing a promising job.

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