• The Subspecialties of Emergency Medicine

    The Subspecialties of Emergency Medicine

    A physician or locum tenens physician who specializes in emergency medicine is advanced in cardiac life support and trauma care, to say the least – managing the life-threatening situations of patients who have been admitted into their facility. There is a wide range of emergency medicine jobs for physicians to choose from. Below are fellowships that require additional training and assessment for subspecialty certificates.

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine

    A critical care medicine physician will learn how to manage critically ill patients. These physicians primarily work in the intensive care unit (ICU).

    Emergency Medical Services

    The EMS fellowship involves pre-hospital emergency patient care. This involves initial patient stabilization treatment and the transportation to the healthcare facility in ambulances and helicopters.

    Hospice and Palliative Medicine

    Physicians who choose a career in hospice and palliative medicine help to relieve the pain that patients suffer from their illnesses while improving their quality of life. They support the patient and the family throughout the treatment process.

    Internal Medicine – Critical Care Medicine

    Completing a fellowship in critical care medicine will allow for physicians to treat patients that are suffering from extreme diseases. Physicians will acquire the skills necessary to treat a full range of patients who are critically ill.

    Medical Toxicology

    This subspecialty focuses on toxicology, providing the diagnosis, management, and prevention of poisoning. Physicians will learn how to treat adverse effects that could occur from medications, occupational toxins, environmental toxins, and biological agents.

    Pain Medicine

    A pain medicine fellowship focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain in the body. Because pain is so vast, this emergency medicine subspecialty is multidisciplinary.

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine

    A physician who works in pediatrics will focus on the care of ill or injured children in the ER.

    Sports Medicine

    The sports medicine fellowship focuses on the treatment and prevention of injures related to sports and exercise, as well as physical fitness overall. Physicians who specialize in sports medicine can work on their patients in their primary care settings, while others have a more dedicated role. Some sports medicine physicians work as an advisor to sports teams or become the team’s primary sports medicine physician.

    Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

    Fellowship training in undersea and hyperbaric medicine teaches physicians to be able to prevent the injury and illness from exposure to environments with increased ambient pressure. For example, the pressures of diving or hyperbaric chamber exposure. They also treat environmental effects, immersion effects, and marine life injuries.

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