• Emergency Medicine Physician Lifestyle

    Emergency Medicine Physician Lifestyle

    While you’re in medical school finishing your studies, moving into residency, and figuring out whether or not you want to take hold of a subspecialty in a fellowship, you’re probably wondering what life would be like once you become an emergency medicine physician. At Mint, we’ve provided countless locum tenens physicians with emergency medicine jobs, so we’re very familiar with the day to day process and lifestyle of an emergency medicine physician. Here we share our insights to give you a better idea of what it’s like to work in the ER.

    A Day in the Life of An Emergency Medicine Physician

    While every day is different in the emergency room, there are some trends that stick out in an emergency medicine physician’s lifestyle. However, one of the most important aspects to remember is that every day is different, and your duties are always changing, depending on the case.

    A Typical Shift

    During a typical shift as a locum tenens physician in an emergency setting, you’ll walk into your facility and set up shop. After signing into the system your facility uses to manage patients, you’ll visit the patients that have been admitted and need to be seen by a physician. There will be second year and third year residents all around you helping with the process of taking care of patients who need caring for. You may or may not have a full house of patients, depending on your healthcare facility.

    The Hours

    Some days are very fast, while some days can be slower than the others. Shifts differ, as well. At some hospitals, an ER locum tenens physician may work four 12-hour shifts a week, or some may work six 8-hour shifts. An ER physician can also end up working 24-hour emergency shifts if something crucial happens. That being said, hours can be all over the place, fluctuating between days, evenings, or nights.

    Challenging Aspects

    While getting into emergency medicine, you have to be prepared to take care of all types of patients, from the intoxicated, to the elderly, to the injured, to the deathly ill. You may face some difficulties throughout your day when patients enter the hospital and are forced to stay for longer than they wish, for health reasons. At that point, there is nothing that you can do as an ER physician, and you must move on to the next patient.

    The Rewards

    One of the best parts about being an emergency medicine physician is being able to help people when they need it the most. Knowing that you truly helped save a person’s life or helped them get better than how they were when they entered your facility is truly heartwarming.

    While getting into emergency medicine you’re going to be put to the challenge every day. However, there is an art to this type of medicine, and the risks are worth the rewards. Contact our physician recruitment specialists today to get started on your career as a locum tenens physician working in emergency medicine.

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