• Locum Tenens Looks Good on You (and Your Resume)

    Locum Tenens Looks Good on You (and Your Resume)

    The resume, the CV. The two pieces of paper that outline your entire working life. When it comes to finding telemedicine jobs or emergency medicine jobs, the very first thing recruiters look for is experience. With that being said, your resume has the potential to set you above other applicants seeking the same position.

    Trying Before Signing

    Have you ever accepted a job only to find out it was not what you expected? Working locum tenens allows you the chance to “test drive” a job and gain experience before having to make a permanent commitment. 

    Feeling Out Different Environments

    When working with Mint, you may be offered job opportunities in several healthcare facilities in different types of locations. This enables you to diversify your practice, showing that you can adapt to new settings and situations. Temporarily working at different healthcare facilities allows you to see the different ways that medicine is practiced. Pick up the best methods that help you work better and more efficiently and drop the ones that keep you from improving in your work.


    Working locum tenens jobs in the past, including a professional reference or two from previous jobs could help employers who may want to hire you. Chances are, your future employer will want to speak to a few of your references, so make sure to make this section of your resume is updated.

    The Post-Graduation Gap

    If you’re still unsure about where you want to work once you graduate medical school and complete your residency, locum tenens on your resume helps to fill any gaps that could otherwise look confusing on your resume. You don’t want your potential employer questioning what you were doing between 2017 and 2019 when you have nothing to show for the year 2018 on your resume.

    More Career History

    A locum tenens physician can include the jobs they’ve held in the past and what they’ve accomplished in these positions. Sharing additional career history can set you apart from other candidates, catching the eye of your future employer. 

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