• When Is The Best Time To Hire Locums?

    When Is The Best Time To Hire Locums?

    The budding healthcare terrain can quickly diminish physician resources in even the most robust personnel environments. This could trigger a wide range of staffing vulnerabilities. Many medical facilities wait until there is a significant employment threat before taking advantage of this staffing model. Why? Because they don’t know the many advantages contract workforce can offer to both current practitioners as well as their medical facility. Mint Physicians delivers a flexible and dynamic way for facilities to keep pace with patient needs and enhance the entire care experience. We’ve gathered 3 optimal times to contact Mint.

    Scheduling Changes

    Even a well-staffed facility can experience reduced clinical resources at various times throughout the year. Mint Physicians can be used to manage a variety of employee gaps including:

    • Vacations
    • Holidays
    • Maternity Leaves
    • Short-Term or Long-Term Sabbaticals

    Integrating temporary physicians within your staffing approach can give you access to highly trained and skilled physicians within the specialties you need. The best part? Locums are available whenever you need them for seamless patient coverage that keeps your facility moving forward.

    Growing Practice

    An expanding practice will experience a sudden upswing causing added stress and strain to an already overworked internal staff. Some patient surges can be unpredictable, requiring a well-organized staffing strategy to address both short and long term needs. Mint Physicians provides versatile options to address the staffing needs of your facility.

    Expanding Your Services

    In the world of medicine, facilities must constantly stay on top of the latest medical modernization’s to ensure patients have access the best care. Offering new innovative treatments and procedures advances the entire patient experience and can cause a drive in revenues. Extending your facility’s portfolio of services means having the right staff members. Mint Physicians equips your team with skilled, qualified, and licensed doctors who have the training needed to perform services being offered.


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