• Benefits of Telepsychiatry

    Benefits of Telepsychiatry

    We are all familiar with the concept and benefits of telemedicine. While telemedicine is the process of providing long-distance healthcare through technology, telepsychiatry is a subset of telemedicine. This type of medicine has a full range of services under its belt, including psychiatric evaluations, different kinds of therapies, patient education, and medication management.

    What Is Telepsychiatry?

    Generally referring to the delivery of psychiatric assessment and care, telepsychiatry is an innovative healthcare practice in telemedicine that applies to the field of psychiatry. Like telemedicine, healthcare is provided through telecommunication technology, such as video calls.

    Benefits of Telepsychiatry

    There’s plenty of evidence suggesting that this type of remote access to healthcare has its benefits:


    Patients don’t have to worry about lost wages and other expenses that come up when visiting their healthcare facilities. In fact, in most states, insurers must cover video visits equal to in-person visits.

    Increased Access to Care

    At times, there can be a lack of psychiatrists on-site. This practice allows for greater access to not only more telemedicine staffing jobs, but also greater access for patients to get the care they need. Rural areas are typically the most undeserved in all areas of healthcare, but this practice offers the potential to provide health care services across vast distances to undeserved urban and rural areas with a simple connection to the internet.1

    Greater Confidentiality and More Comfortable

    Telepsychiatry and telemedicine offer confidentiality for those who may feel uncomfortable or shameful if seen in a psychiatrist’s office. Some patients may also feel more comfortable, open, and honest when they communicate with doctors electronically, rather than in person.

    Better Patient Experience

    While the electronic experience is much different than an in-person visit with the doctor, research has shown high levels of satisfaction among patients with telepsychiatric care.

    How to Get Started in Telepsychiatry

    Telepsychiatry is revolutionary! At Mint, our physician staffing agencies in Houston and Miami have helped countless facilities and locum tenens physicians with healthcare job placement in telemedicine jobs. We believe that everyone should have access to mental health care, and practice through telecommunications methods makes it possible. If the benefits of telepsychiatry interest you and you’re considering a career in the field, get with a locum tenens agency who specializes in reputable physician recruitment. Contact us today.


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