• When Is The Perfect Time to Staff Locums?

    When Is The Perfect Time to Staff Locums?

    The ever-budding healthcare terrain can quickly diminish physician resources, triggering a wide range of staffing vulnerabilities. Locum tenens bring a flexible, yet dynamic way for facilities to keep pace with patient needs. Mint Physicians strategy works in a multitude of staffing environments, making it a go-to means for healthcare facilities of every size and across the United States. When is the perfect time to explore hiring locum tenens? We’ve listed three reasons below.

    Scheduling Changes

    Even a well-staffed healthcare facility experiences a shortage in clinical resources throughout the year. Mint Physicians can be used to manage a host of personnel gaps, including:

    • Vacations
    • Holidays
    • Maternity leave
    • Short-Term or Long-Term sabbaticals

    Integrating temporary staffing into your facility can give you access to highly trained physicians and practitioners with the specialties you need. The best part? Locum tenens are available whenever you need them for seamless patient coverage that keeps your facility moving forward.

    Growing Practice

    Expanding practices experience a rapid upswing in patients more often than you think. Locum tenens physicians provide a versatile option to address the staffing needs of your growing business as they occur, without over-straining your current employees.

    Range of Services

    It is crucial for medical facilities to continuously stay on top of the latest innovations to ensure patients have access the best care services. Offering innovative treatments and procedures improves the entire patient experience, which drives revenues within your facility. However, when effectively extending your facility’s range of services, that means having the right staff members. Mint Physicians equips your team with skilled, qualified, and licensed doctors and practitioners who have the training needed to perform services being offered.



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