• Myths vs Facts – The Realities of Locum Tenens

    Myths vs Facts – The Realities of Locum Tenens

    There are many misconceptions that circle around locum tenens work, and these can cause physicians to avoid this exhilarating career path. It can also prevent healthcare facilities from obtaining the professionals that they need. Therefore, we believe that it is essential to continue discrediting these fallacies so that the truth about locum tenens becomes more

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  • Locum Tenens After Residency

    Locum Tenens After Residency

    A startling reality: many physicians leave their “starter position” out of residency within two years. There are many components behind physicians leaving their first jobs. One major incentive is a mismatch between the facility and a new physician eager for their job. One antidote is locum tenens. By entering into locums straight out of residency, you allow

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  • Why Virtual Health Is Booming

    Why Virtual Health Is Booming

    One of the most exciting developments in contemporary healthcare is telemedicine which allows providers to efficiently engage and monitor patients through telephone and video conferencing. Telemedicine pledges to transform much of the healthcare industry in the coming years, but could be particularly important for professionals in the locum tenens field. A flourishing field that is

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