• Locum Tenens After Residency

    Locum Tenens After Residency

    A startling reality: many physicians leave their “starter position” out of residency within two years.

    There are many components behind physicians leaving their first jobs. One major incentive is a mismatch between the facility and a new physician eager for their job.

    One antidote is locum tenens.

    By entering into locums straight out of residency, you allow yourself to see what practice environment, city or schedule best suits you while you’re still assessing your future goals. Since most of the United States facilities staff locums, you’ll be able to choose which location you want to focus on. It can also save you from entering into a long-term contract or investing in upfront startup costs with a practice before you know if it’s the right fit.

    So how do you get started in locum tenens? Start by contacting one of our recruiters. Here at Mint, we will do the legwork of finding open positions that fit your distinctive qualifications and requirements.

    If you do eventually decide that permanent placement is for you, your time working locums will have enormous career value. It will not only give you a wide variety of experiences and insights you can take into your new role, but it will put you above other applicants who haven’t experienced nearly as much as you have.

    Ashley Coley
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Ashley Coley