• Myths vs Facts – The Realities of Locum Tenens

    Myths vs Facts – The Realities of Locum Tenens

    There are many misconceptions that circle around locum tenens work, and these can cause physicians to avoid this exhilarating career path. It can also prevent healthcare facilities from obtaining the professionals that they need. Therefore, we believe that it is essential to continue discrediting these fallacies so that the truth about locum tenens becomes more widely known.

    Locum tenens work provides diverse encounters, the chance to travel, and needed flexibility. Here are some myths about these roles along with facts to dismiss them.

    Myth: Locum Tenens is Unreliable

    Many people fear that jobs and their finances can dry up erratically with locum tenens work. Luckily, it is a myth that there are long dry spells. There is a deficiency of physicians in many practice areas. This keeps demand high and makes it easy to find new roles when your current one’s end. Sometimes, you can even find repeated jobs in the same facility.

    Myth: You’re Away from Family

    There is a large array of locum tenens positions available, and this makes it so that you can find one that meets your needs for flexibility. Physicians can take day or weekend shifts or even bring their families along. However, those who do want longer-term assignments can get them as well. The wide range of opportunities allocates you to choose the positions that fit your needs in terms of flexibility and location.

    Myth: You’re Assigned to Undesired Locations

    While some may choose to take on positions in more rural locations to provide care to under-served areas, there are plenty of openings in more attractive areas as well. Varying on your predilections, you can choose a facility near the beach, in a city or close to home. As locum tenens, you have the final say in where you take an assignment.

    Myth: Pay is Lower

    This myth is entirely untrue. Locum tenens often make hourly rates that are 33%-50% higher than those of typical full-time physicians. Working with a locum tenens agency like Mint makes it even more likely you’ll receive great pay, as we offer exceptional compensation.

    Locum tenens is a feasible and gratifying career option for all physicians, but there are many fallacies about this path. Now that you’re equipped with the facts, take the next step and contact Mint to help you explore available locum tenens opportunities.

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Ashley Coley