• Thankful for Locum Tenens Care During the Holiday Season

    Thankful for Locum Tenens Care During the Holiday Season

    It’s holiday season, which means it’s never too early for management in healthcare facilities to plan ahead. For most facilities, the probability of being understaffed is seasonal, so it doesn’t make sense logistically to recruit and hire new staff members for full-time positions. This is where temporary physician placement should be considered as a cost-effective holiday staffing strategy.

    Holiday Locum Tenens Assignments

    At Mint Physician Staffing, our physician recruiters know how helpful and beneficial holiday locum tenens assignments are for facilities and physicians alike. Working hand-in-hand with countless healthcare facilities, our physician staffing agency recruiters understand the importance of being able to secure holiday staff and fill vacant positions while permanent staff is on holiday.

    Healthcare Holiday Staffing Strategies

    Plan ahead. Even with the best planning, it can be difficult to fill some of the available positions in a healthcare facility during the holidays. Considering locum tenens for your facility will not only provide permanent employees with flexibility but will also ensure that your organization will continue to run on schedule.

    Lean on an agency. Using a staffing agency that specializes in emergency medicine, telemedicine staffing, general surgery, and more can help to recruit, hire, on board, and pay temporary holiday workers.

    Don’t delay. The sooner you begin recruiting for holiday locum tenens jobs, the less likely you will be scrambling for coverage during the holidays.

    Mint Physician Staffing is Here for Your Healthcare Facility

    When working with a credible locum tenens agency like Mint, you can trust the process when it comes to verifying a physician’s education, professional background, licenses, certifications, and more. Our recruitment experts and consultants are here to serve you not only during the busiest months of the year but all year round.

    When you partner with a supplemental physician staffing agency to fill the available locum tenens jobs during the holidays, you’re taking proactive steps to improve the odds of having coverage during October, November, December, and even January.

    If you’re anticipating high demand during the holiday season, look no further than Mint Physician Staffing. Contact our physician recruiting specialists for help finding healthcare job placement during the holiday season.



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