• Locum Tenens Can Save Your Career

    Locum Tenens Can Save Your Career

    Are you at a point in life where you’re evaluating your options for your time, skills, and financial needs? You’re not alone. More and more physicians are seeking alternatives that will help them overcome roadblocks in their lives and careers, like burnout. One of the most feasible solutions is working locum tenens. As experts in the field, we’re confident enough to say that you can save your career with locum tenens work.

    Make Your Own Schedule

    When you work as a locum tenens physician, you’re considered an independent contractor, and you can essentially choose assignments that fit your schedule. This flexibility gives you the control over what days you have open, which in turn reduces the stress of a jam-packed, busy schedule.

    Control Your Income

    Going hand-in-hand with having the option to create your own schedule, locum tenens careers provide physicians the opportunity to work as little or as much as they want to. Looking to supplement your income? You have the option of working a busier schedule. Want to take some time off and practice at a more leisurely pace? You can cut back on hours. Call coverage? No call coverage? Procedures?

    Save Money

    Save money and boost your career with locum tenens! Many healthcare job placement opportunities include housing, travel, rental car, and food per diem. With placements like these, since the expenses incurred are minimal, the paychecks can quickly pile up. Depending on other expenses, the added income generated by working locum tenens can be a real boon to your bank account.

    Grow Professionally

    When you’re working with a locum tenens agency you have the opportunity to work at many different facilities, which enables you to broaden your skill set and learn new techniques. Working with multiple employers gives you a chance to learn from different people in different settings.

    Avoid Burnout

    In a 2019 report, 44% of physicians reported feeling burned out.1 Whether you’re feeling a lack of drive or need a change of pace, you can avoid burnout and strengthen your career with locum tenens. Experiencing new places, faces, facilities, and situations can be enough to keep you from quitting the career you love.

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