• How to Improve Patient Experience at Your Healthcare Facility

    How to Improve Patient Experience at Your Healthcare Facility

    When you think of the doctor’s office or any other healthcare practice, you tend to think about the long wait time, the quick and rushed visit with your doctor, paying or providing your insurance card, then leaving, right? As healthcare providers and advocates, how can we change this stigma? It’s time to put your patients first. Healthcare companies can take steps to improve the patient experience and make visits to the doctor far more enjoyable for everyone involved. Below are ways in which you can improve patient experience at your practice – starting with your existing patients.

    Employ Friendly and Helpful Office Staff

    Known as the serial-position effect, people tend to recall the first and the last items in a series. The same holds true for customer service. The greeting and dismissal of patients are most likely remembered, so we can start improving the customer experience in healthcare with friendly hellos and goodbyes. Instructing the front office staff to be friendly and helpful is enough to encourage patients to come back. Being friendly and helpful during the process of checking in can make a world of difference in the patient’s eyes.

    Form Relationships with Your Patients and Deliver Good Bedside Manner

    Patients come to your practice because they trust you with your medical opinion. However, sometimes they can be hesitant because they’ve dealt with doctors who tend to display poor bedside manner. Prove to your patients that you’re truly invested in their wellbeing, rather than simply counting on them to keep your practice running. Be mindful to not only provide them with an honest and thorough exam visit but to also provide a caring and friendly presence. Encourage discussion and be comforting in order to form relationships with your patients so they want to keep coming back to you.

    Make Scheduling Easy and Send Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

    Implement a well-managed appointment scheduling system for your patients to make access to appointments easier than ever. Offering online scheduling gives your patients the freedom of booking an appointment at their convenience. The physician recruiters at our locum tenens agency also encourage constant communication with patients through appointment confirmations and reminders. Your patients are busy, just as you are; let them know you respect them and value their time with ease of access and convenience factors.

    There are plenty of other ways in which you can improve patient experience at your healthcare facility, such as having low wait times, meeting patients’ needs, and more. If you’re lacking positive customer experience at your facility, you can staff temporary physicians for additional help and support. For over 20 years, Mint Physician Staffing has placed thousands of highly qualified physicians in locum tenens careers throughout the country in practices just like yours. We specialize in hospitalist, emergency medicine, urgent care, occupational medicine, primary care, radiology, and telemedicine staffing placements. If you’re seeking physicians for healthcare job placement at your facility, contact our physician recruiters today.

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