• New Year, New Opportunities, New Coverage Needed

    New Year, New Opportunities, New Coverage Needed

    While we always encourage a fresh start no matter what time of year it is, the new year is a great time for reflection, self-improvement, and goal setting. At the start of each year, we set resolutions and make promises to ourselves in order to better our lives and make improvements through each of the days ahead. Oftentimes, these goals revolve around weight, traveling, and finances, among other commonalities. It usually doesn’t come as a surprise when these goals are pushed to the side because life simply “gets in the way”. However, there are better ways in which you can fulfill your New Year’s resolutions – and exploring a locum tenens career is one of them.

    Whether you’re currently in med school, if you’ve recently completed residency, or already work as a physician in a healthcare facility, making the decision to work as a locum tenens physician in 2020 can help to significantly improve the upcoming 12 months of the new decade.

    New Opportunities for Traveling

    We always plan on adding some travel into our schedule at the start of a new year. Why not combine two New Year’s resolutions in one? Working a healthcare job placement as a locum tenens physician can bring you to new places and scratch the travel itch you’ve been tempted with. The lure of travel is one of the reasons high on the list of pros in working locum tenens. Check locations off your bucket list this year or let yourself experience places you’d never expect to find yourself.

    Make a Real Impact on the Lives of Others

    Additional coverage is needed in healthcare facilities all over the country. Unfortunately, there are many underserved areas where patients have limited access to healthcare services. In 2020, you can make a real impact on the lives of underserved communities by considering a job working locum tenens in a rural area. You can speak with a physician recruiter at a reputable physician agency to help with your healthcare job placement in a location where you can make a difference.

    Transition to a New Phase in Your Career or Your Life

    If you’re feeling a bit of physician burnout or you’re seeking a mid-career transition, the new year is a perfect time to switch things up. One of the most popular hobbies for doctors is working a part-time practice. Locum tenens work in the new year is the revival you need to not only continue doing what you love but to also supplement your income and gain new experiences.


    Mint Physician Staffing is a leading physician staffing agency offering temporary physician placement all over the United States, including emergency medicine, telemedicine staffing, and much more. Contact our physician recruiters at our locum tenens agency today for more information and jobs available.

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