• Why Physicians Are Making the Switch to Locum Tenens

    Why Physicians Are Making the Switch to Locum Tenens

    Doctors and physicians of all ages and career levels turn to locum tenens jobs, and the field continues to grow more and more each year. Before temporary physician placement was normalized as a career, older physicians used to choose locum tenens jobs to ease out of their practice and into the retirement phase of their lives. However, these older physicians no longer represent the majority of those with a locum tenens career.

    Locum tenens jobs continue to grow as many facilities turn to locum tenens physicians to fill in for permanent doctors, meet patient demand, cover during training, and much more.

    Why Physicians Are Choosing Locum Tenens Jobs

    Below are a few reasons why physicians are making the switch to work locum tenens careers.

    Try out a new job. Healthcare job placement in a different facility or geographic region is a great way for physicians to see if they like the position before they commit to it. Whether it’s for a few days or for a few months, temporary placement can help physicians determine if they want to work there permanently.

    Improve their skills. Temporary physician placement exposes doctors to different practice settings, patients, procedures, treatments, and more.

    Opportunity for more freedom. Locum tenens work allows freedom for family time, travel, and additional hobbies for doctors. Physicians are switching to locum tenens because this freedom allows them to choose where and when they want to work as opposed to working in the same facility for the same hours, day after day.

    Pay debts. With the average medical school debt at $200,000 in 20181, switching to locum tenens as a side job is a great way to make some extra money to help pay off student loans.

    Avoid physician burnout. Burnout is real. The hours are long, the administrative workload can take over your life, and sometimes work can just be physically and emotionally draining. Making the career change to work locum tenens can save your love for the medical field.

    How Do You Know It’s Time for a Career Change?

    If you struggle to get out of bed every day, question what you’re doing, and dread driving to your facility, it may be time for a career change. Consider locum tenens to keep you interested in the medical field, as you explore new work environments and meet new people with each temporary assignment.

    Many physicians are making the switch to working locum tenens as a full-time career, and you can too. Contact our physician recruitment specialists for more information about our locum tenens agency and jobs available for you to fill.


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