• Preparing for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment

    Preparing for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment

    Not only is locum tenens one of the fastest-growing careers for physicians in America, but also a proven way to help prevent physician burnout and ease some everyday work stressors.1 If you’ve accepted a healthcare job placement with a physician staffing agency such as Mint Physician Staffing, it’s important to properly prepare for your first locum tenens assignment. Below are some tips to help you get acclimated within temporary physician placement as well as things to expect from your first locum tenens assignment.

    Verify Addresses and Locations

    Before leaving home, make sure you’ve verified and confirmed all addresses and general locations for both your lodging situation and the healthcare facility in which you’ll be practicing. Knowing these addresses and locations will give you a better idea of travel time to and from work. Finalize all details regarding your new location so you can arrive on time and ready each day, especially the first day.

    Review Your First Locum Tenens Assignment Details

    Make sure you’re aware of where to go once you arrive at your new place of work. It’s important to cover all the assignment details and come prepared with all the necessary supplies as well. Verify whether your new boss needs copies of any important documents such as licenses, your CV, or any certifications.

    Get Plenty of Sleep

    Get an adequate amount of sleep before your first locum tenens assignment. You’ll need ample energy on the job, especially if you’re working long hours.

    Ask Questions

    New jobs can be confusing, and it’s important to ask all the necessary questions, so you’re not only clear on your duties but to determine if this job is for you moving forward. Ask your locum tenens agency or your facility director questions like:

    • What will my typical schedule on a day to day basis look like?
    • What are my roles and responsibilities while on my locum tenens assignment?
    • Who can I speak to if I have questions on the job?
    • What will I get paid?
    • How much time am I allotted for each patient?

    You may be nervous before your first locum tenens assignment as your excitement and anticipation grow. Following the suggestions above will help you prepare accordingly for your first day on the job so you can move comfortably from one locum tenens assignment to the next.

    For more information on speaking with a physician recruiter to learn more about locum tenens careers, contact our temporary physician placement specialists at Mint Physician Staffing.


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    [1] Locum tenens can help reduce physician burnout – Becker’s Hospital Review

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