• Telemedicine and COVID-19

    Telemedicine and COVID-19

    COVID-19 Pandemic Shows Importance of Telemedicine in the 21st Century

    As we face the continuing threat of COVID-19, every industry is dealing with massive changes. We in the healthcare industry, are seeing a rapid move towards telemedicine, necessitated by the many patients who cannot risk leaving their state of social isolation for fear of catching the novel coronavirus disease 2019. This group includes many vulnerable patient groups, such as the elderly and immunocompromised. Telemedicine is the key to surviving and thriving during this pandemic, both for patients and providers.

    Brief History of Telemedicine

    The history of telemedicine is long-standing and interesting. Though telemedicine still has a futuristic ring to it, the concept was introduced in the 1900s in various forms. The first radiologic images were sent via telephone in 1948. Psychiatric consultations over a closed-circuit television link between Nebraska Psychiatric Institute and Norfolk State Hospital were established in 1960. By the 1970s, NASA was experimenting with the Space Technology Applied to Rural Papago Health Care program, where mobile support units were established on the rural Tohono O’odham reservation to link patients with physicians in Indian Health Service hospitals.[1] All of these achievements paved the way for the current state of telemedicine.

    The Internet and Telemedicine

    The creation of the Internet has given rise to immediate access to telemedicine. Telemedicine staffing has never been better given this access – there is a heavy need for healthcare professionals who can provide for those unable to make in-person visits. The internet allows for more than just a call with a physician. There is now the ability for patients and providers to connect face to face, to see physical ailments, and to read the facial expressions necessary to gain proper diagnostic insight. As a leading physician staffing agency, we are looking to fill the gaps left in the digitalized telemedicine landscape.

    A Need for Locum Tenens Physicians: Telemedicine and COVID-19

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many healthcare facilities are understaffed. Even if properly staffed, both the CDC and WHO have advised for telemedicine when evaluating suspected COVID-19 cases, in order to minimize use of equipment and risk of spreading the incredibly contagious disease.[2] Temporary staffing is necessary right now for the health and safety of the nation and to fill this telemedicine need. This brings with it the need for locum tenens physicians.

    Telemedicine with Mint Physician Staffing

    If you are a healthcare worker looking for a locum tenens position, check out our healthcare job placement page. If you have questions about telemedicine, visit our telemedicine staffing FAQ page. Mint Physician Staffing is committed to enhancing hospital and telemedicine coverage during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or needs that you have.




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