• What It’s Like to Work in Radiology

    What It’s Like to Work in Radiology

    A radiology department is responsible for providing diagnostic studies and radiation therapy. Some common radiology studies include x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, mammography, and ultrasound. Radiologists and radiologic techs work diligently to ensure that these studies are delivered safely and effectively, requiring proper protective gear for all who are involved. Because they work with radiation, there are radiation exposure risks associated with any job in radiology. Radiology also requires adherence to strict schedules and often calls for 40+ hour work weeks due to the 24-hour nature of radiology departments.1

    What Kind of Training Is Required to Work in Radiology?

    The training required to work in radiology depends on whether the goal is to become a radiologic tech or a radiologist. A radiologic tech goes through either a two- or four-year program and requires a license, though licensing processes differ from state to state. Radiologic techs take diagnostic images of patients and ensure that the images are clear enough for radiologists to interpret.2 The process to become a radiologist is a longer one, requiring four years of medical school – two in the classroom and two in clinical rotations – and then a four year radiology residency, plus a fellowship training program often in a specialized area of radiology. On top of schooling and clinical work, a radiologist also needs to pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing exam. Certain states also have additional requirements.3

    Who Is Treated in Radiology?

    A variety of patients are treated by the radiology department. Trauma patients are common, some coming directly from the emergency room. Other patients have more routine radiology visits, like those receiving an annual mammography evaluation. With the variety of patients that radiologists and radiologic techs will interact with, it is important to have good people skills and a strict air of professionalism at every turn.

    Locum Tenens Radiology with Mint Physician Staffing

    There are many factors that are increasing the demand for radiology, including the aging population and the growth of chronic diseases and cancer survivors.4 With an increase in demand and shortage overall, radiology is a hot area of medicine requiring qualified professionals across the healthcare industry. Many hospitals are looking for a locum tenens physician that specializes in radiology. Mint Physician Staffing is here to help match qualified physicians with healthcare facilities in need through healthcare job placement. Whether you are a physician looking for a locum tenens position in radiology or a healthcare facility looking for a radiology specialist,  please contact us with any questions, concerns, or needs that you have.

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