• Trends in Telehealth in 2020

    Trends in Telehealth in 2020

    Technology is integrated into just about every portion of our lives. The healthcare industry has not been immune to technological innovation, and all for the better. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is defined as the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Not a brand new concept, telehealth has been around since the dawn of telecommunications technology, but has recently come to the forefront in healthcare. Mint Physician Staffing has compiled 4 trends to expect in telehealth in 2020.

    Telehealth Trend 1 – Care Will be Geared Toward Vulnerable Populations

    Vulnerable populations include seniors over 65 years old, premature newborns, people living with chronic illnesses, and individuals in lower socioeconomic statuses. Telehealth has often been focused on younger people with the tech interest and skills needed for digital platform communication and navigation but are often not the populations that need it most. By giving vulnerable populations access to virtual visits and remote monitoring, telemedicine providers will expand market reach and touch more lives.1

    Telehealth Trend 2 – Teleparamedicine Use Will Increase

    Providing emergency responders with telehealth accessibilities so that they can connect with specialists like cardiologists immediately on the scene is imperative for ramping up efficient care. Using teleparamedicine allows paramedics and patients to access expert care before they are loaded into an ambulance, which can reduce costs and transports if, say, they simply need only go to a detoxification center or urgent care (deemed alternative destination transport)2, instead of the emergency room.3

    Telehealth Trend 3 – Telemedicine Will Be Covered by More Insurers

    With more use of telemedicine, insurers are on the move to step up coverage. Medicare now covers some types telehealth services, such as psychotherapy.4 With this move, many other insurers are to follow as telemedicine becomes more widely accepted and used. In times of mass sickness, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, use of telehealth services is imperative for the well-being of many patients and providers. There is no going back!

    Telehealth Trend 4 – Better Technology

    Many people have already adopted healthcare apps and technology, like wearing smart watches and fitness trackers, which monitor health factors like sleep and heart rate. The technology is continuing to improve, along with more personalization in apps to suit your health needs. Implementing this technology straight into a telehealth diet or repository will continue to give telehealth providers immense data to work with and enact proactive measures in their healthcare services.5


    Telemedicine with Mint Physician Staffing

    The rise in telemedicine has increased the demand and desire for locum tenens careers. If you are a healthcare worker looking for a locum tenens position, check out our healthcare job placement page. If you have questions about telemedicine, visit our telemedicine staffing FAQ page. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or needs that you have.



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